Why switch to Healthy Eating and Healthy Fasting As A Way Of Life?

The Role of Food in Our Body

Food contains nutrients which help the cells in our body carry out different functions. These nutrients are essential for the growth and maintenance of our body. When our body does not get sufficient nutrients from the food we eat, our health starts declining.

It is important to make sure that we get sufficient nutrition from our food or drinks. Otherwise, one of the following may affect us:


  • Health problems related to nutrition when nutrition is inadequate.
  • Gastrointestinal health problems when our eating habits are unhealthy.
  • Stomach health problems when what we eat doesn’t nourish us fully.
  • Our weight slowly increases, and when left unchecked we might reach obesity.

The Role Of Healthy Fasting

Whether it is water, autophagy or intermittent fasting, the trend for fasting is on the rise. We are gradually understanding that fasting boosts cell regeneration and helps us heal from within.


  • When new to fasting, even the thought of skipping food for 2 weeks to a month would frighten us.
  • Obesity and health concerns indeed lead us to practice water fasting. When we search the Internet for obesity causes and solutions, we find lots of information.
  • The simplest and cheapest way to get rid of extra body fat is by practicing healthy fasting as a way of life!
  • Further benefits include improved digestion, reduced blood pressure, reduced the risk of heart disease and some types of cancers.

Emmanuel van der Meulen

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