What is your passion when it comes to green & eco-living?


Big or small, we are interested in your green or eco-living passion!

As aspiring green Gurus, our passion usually starts with recycling, something like a plastic bottle, and evolves to other thoughts and dreams, ultimately dreaming about living totally green: Living in a green smart eco city.

Colorful Landscape

From the one plastic bottle that we recycle, our passion evolves to living in a green smart eco home, driving a green smart car, working in a green smart office, and living in a green smart eco city.

Where in this chain of events do you fit in?

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Do you recycle reuse reduce?
Do you provide eco tips?
Or provide a green eco service?
Manufacture green eco products?
Nature WalksLive in a green smart home?
Install green eco products?
Live in a green smart city?
Drive a green smart car?
Work in a green smart office?

Whatever and however you participate in green and eco-living, tell us about your green eco passion or experience in your own voice – we’ll share this on the air with our listeners!

Participate with us;

  • Let’s tell our listeners on the airwaves, about your product!
  • Let’s interview you on air and share whatever your Brandenburg Germanypassion is!
  • Let’s assist you with exposing those who do not respect the environment!
  • Let’s collaborate to promote our GREEN side!
  • Let’s reduce the carbon footprint together!
  • Ask any green and eco-living related question.

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