Eco Friendly and Green Events about Living an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

The state of the planet, as well as for individuals, has reached alarming proportions. Realizing this, various organizations conduct Green Events in different parts of the world. You’ll notice that despite different presentations, their overall objective is the same; to spread awareness about living an eco-lifestyle.

Eco Friendly Habits: Everyday, Everyone

Why are Green Events taking place?

Due to the lower quality of life and health of individuals and due to global warming and its negative impact on us, it’s time to change our understanding, awareness and perspective towards ourselves and towards natural resources. This is what organizations want to tell us and why they organize Green Events.


  • Organizations conduct Green Events as a medium to create awareness about living a healthy life, and to encourage us to follow an eco-lifestyle, and to get rid of everyday stresses and tensions in a natural way. 
  • Organizations hold Green Events to create awareness about minimizing emission of greenhouse gases, including CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and the different ways to neutralize the effects of unavoidable emissions.
  • Through Green Events, a strong message is passed: to minimize the consumption of natural resources and fulfill most of our demands with local supply.
  • Some organizations hold Green Events to teach us innovative and effective ways to live an eco-lifestyle. For example, various Green Events are conducted where we are taught to generate less and less waste and recycle/reuse the remaining waste.
  • A Green Event is a perfect vehicle to protect biodiversity, air, soil and water resources.
  • Another motivation for holding Green Events is to strengthen the local community economically, environmentally, and socially.
  • The focus of such events also remains on encouraging the local sustainable growth and through these events, organizations increase understanding of sustainability issues within the local community, service providers, staff, and participants.

What are the other benefits of holding Green Events?

Green Events are not only increasing awareness about living an eco-lifestyle amongst the masses, they benefit organizations as well. Here is how:

Green Events give desired coverage to businesses

When organizations hold Green Events, they ensure that more and more sustainable practices are incorporated into the events. From the selection of the venue to the event’s theme, everything reflects their efforts towards supporting a green and sustainable world. This is usually covered by the media.

They do their part for the betterment of the environment

Suppose that a one-week Green Event serves 1 000, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on China plates rather than plastic disposables, the organization is preventing hundreds of kilos of plastic from entering a landfill. Taking it further, what about, for instance, using biodegradable leaf plates, see Black Forrest by Leaf Republic. Imagine the example this sets!

Reduced costs in hosting these events

In the beginning, costs are incurred in educating staff, purchasing organic food, and investing in local communities.  

In the long run, organizations benefit financially from the decreased consumption of resources (bottled water, energy, paper, etc.) and the decrease in waste production.

What are the key considerations in hosting successful green events?

To host a green event, an organization would consider the following:
  • Build an “eco-friendly” business culture encouraging staff members to follow waste-minimization, energy-efficient, and ethical actions.
  • Create awareness with participants, staff members, and service providers regarding what the event entails.
  • It is important to measure, monitor, and report the environmental footprint of the Green Event. Not only is this interesting, it brings credibility and provides investors and stakeholders with confirmation that the event is green and eco-friendly.
  • No matter how big the business, seeking advice and guidance always brings fruitful results. A business organizing Green Events would welcome the views of staff members, event organizers, and suppliers about being more sustainable.

Today, everyone is running a race but most of us don’t know where the race would end. The busy schedule of every individual hardly allows time to remember everything. This is where technology comes in. If you want to be a part of such Green Events, subscribe now to Radio #LiveGreenSmart’s Green Events Calendar, to get notifications for all our Green Events.

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