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Eco-Friendly and Healthy Eating

Whether we’re obese, looking to lose weight, have ailments, want to improve our health, have little energy, always tired, looking for another diet or for alternative food, the claims and choices about achieving the aforementioned are many and mystifying. When it comes to Eco-Healthy eating, the switch is easy, requires little effort, and in the main requires awareness. All that is needed is to change some choices, as and when they suit you, such as eating vegan, organic, and locally produced food.

Introduction to the Eco-Healthy Eating University

When we hear the term university, education is the first thought that sparks in our mind. The purpose behind Radio Live Green Smart’s Eco-Healthy Eating University is different to general education. It aims to educate individuals that transforming their everyday eating habits improves health, reduces weight and significantly improves the earth’s environment.

The primary goal of the Eco-Healthy Eating University is to guide people about Eco-Healthy Eating concepts, create awareness and how to easily follow such a lifestyle. Students learn how small changes in their eating habits enhances their health and automatically improves the earth’s environment. The knowledge provided at our university is the result of first-hand experience, research and guidance from Eco-Experts.

Both existing and prospective Eco-Individuals are hereby encouraged to switch to Eco-Healthy Eating. Moreover, there is no fixed time period; the learning happens at a self-determined pace.

Healthy Eating Concepts: What is Eco-Healthy Eating?

Eco-Healthy eating is a way to get complete nutrition without harming ourselves and the environment. This kind of eating practice informs existing, as well as potential eco-individuals, attain a healthy body and mind which automatically benefits the earth’s environment.

The Eco-Healthy Eating University not only introduces people to the natural taste of food, it provides for a lifestyle without infections and normalizing obesity. With Eco-Healthy eating habits, we cut out synthetic fertilizers. This kind of eating is beneficial for society and the environment because it uplifts participants economically, preventing groundwater pollution, reducing soil erosion, improving soil fertility, and providing further benefits as seen below.

Eating Awareness: The Most Interesting Aspect of Eco-Healthy Eating

In order to successfully implement Eco-Healthy eating in one’s life, Eating Awareness plays an important role. Eating Awareness is knowing when to eat, when to stop eating, your reaction after seeing what only looks like delicious food, and other such things.

As a learner at the Eco-Healthy Eating University, you are guided to an understanding, that by being aware of your eating habits, you prevent over-consumption, eating only when necessary and opting for the quality, not the quantity, of food. All this creates a healthy life and also, you shed that extra weight. With eating awareness, you gain an understanding about food and eating habits. You learn about hunger, when to eat, how much to eat, and signs of fullness.

Food Awareness: The Second Most Interesting Aspect of Eco-Healthy Eating

You cannot practice Eco-Healthy eating if you lack food awareness. Today, a lot of food choices are available, even more confusing than ever, uncertainty whether what we’re consuming is the right choice or not.

Food awareness means that you make the correct choices and consume foods which not only satisfy your taste buds but also enhance your physical health and are beneficial for the environment as well. When following Eco-Healthy eating, food awareness means consuming food items with properties such as being natural, organic, sugar-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, additive-free, preservative-free, artificial coloring-free, and more.

The Eco-Healthy Eating University teaches what to eat and what to leave so that your intake provides the proper nutrition and no longer fall for the traps of food manufacturers. You’ll also witness improved well-being by regularly monitoring and switching your food choices.

Weight Loss by Eating Healthy

Today, a lot of diet plans are available and many of them contradict each other. When summarized, most diets suggest that eating healthy foods leads to good health and reduces weight. Weight loss is a game of calories and a healthy diet helps you win that game.

When you eat healthy foods, you prevent unnecessary calories from entering your body. Eating healthy food items means that you avoid fast and processed foods rich in calories, sodium, sugar, trans fat, saturated fat, and refined carbohydrates. By consuming a healthy diet, you easily cut down to the required calories every day. This leads to a continuous decrease in excessive weight.

The healthy eating habits you discover via the Eco-Healthy Eating University allow you to stabilize the calories intake. No more tracking of calories and planning to lose weight, no more consideration about the nutrition label of the food items you consume.

Health Awareness: Healthy Mind. How is Eco-Healthy Eating Different to Dieting in General?

Eco-Healthy eating is much more than just cutting down on junk food or reducing the quantity of food. It means being aware, continuously eating healthily, and… without impacting the environment. When dieting, people follow a particular diet plan to lose weight but after initial success, they invariably fail in the long run.

When you follow the Eco-Healthy Eating guidance from the Eco-Healthy Eating University, whatever you consume is a diet balanced and rich in nutrients. You understand the signals provided by your body.

Healthy Environmental Awareness

Eco-Healthy eating leads to understanding the environment’s fragility and the significance of its preservation. Healthy environmental awareness encourages an understanding about the environment and creating a bright future for this and future generations.

Eco-Healthy eating evokes the understanding and necessity to respect, preserve, and protect us, the environment and this planet. Environmental awareness is not limited to your awakening, you’re able to guide your family members and friends that we and earth’s environment is tightly linked, is indispensable, fragile, and necessary that we reverse the process.

The Eco-Healthy Eating University provides you with a clear understanding of different environmental issues. This way you not only indulge yourself in eco-healthy eating, you also expand your awareness with the news, threats, and developments about the earth’s environment.

Energy Filled Life

The mouth-watering pizzas, burgers, and other junk foods we consume each day take away our energy; whereas Eco-Healthy eating sustains our energy.

One basic reason is that when we practice Eco-Healthy eating, we purchase locally produced fruits and vegetables, which contain essential nutrients. This prevents us from consuming food items which need treatment for their journey of hundreds or thousands of miles before reaching us.

When we eat artificially ripened food items, we do not get the proper nutrition whereas when eating locally produced, especially organically produced fruit and vegetables, we get sufficient nutrition. This information is gained at the Eco-Healthy Eating University, guiding and evolving a sustained and energy-filled lifestyle.

Save Money

Eco-Healthy eating saves you money. It also means that your Eco-Healthy eating habits keep you, as well as the environment, in shape, while being cost-effective. The greener your plate is, the more money you save in the long run.

Practicing Eco-Healthy eating means you prefer seasonal foods over other choices, purchase local produce, do not purchase plastic bottled water, and practice other such habits. These are small everyday actions which saves you money because you are not paying for shipping, processing, and packaging.

Beside this general information, the Eco-Healthy Eating University teaches you many other ways to save money. You remain healthy and save money at the same time.

Membership: Paid Monthly/ Annually

Information makes an impact when it is distributed in an organized manner. This organized distribution often happens in educational institutions. To find out about Eco-Healthy eating and its concepts, sign up now for the Eco-Healthy Eating University.

There are two unique Eco-Healthy Eating University pricing plans available. The first one is monthly where you are charged every month for the knowledge provided. The second plan is the Annual Subscription Plan where you pay in a lump sum for the services for 10 months but get the services for 12 months.

Own Schedule & Pace

When you subscribe to the monthly or annual plan of the Eco-Healthy Eating University, you learn Eco-Healthy eating at your own schedule and at your own pace. This is useful for our learners, especially when living a busy life.

This kind of learning via the Eco-Healthy Eating University means that you get an opportunity to concentrate. You choose your pace and time, which supports you in understanding the concepts. Moreover, you choose the environment for learning, for example, a dedicated room, free from disruptions, for learning Eco-Healthy eating concepts.

It frees you from any kind of pressure to keep up with others. You also learn the concepts in record time because everything is in your hands.

Own Budget

You’re able to obtain the necessary education that suits your budget to learn about Eco-Healthy eating.

The course offered by the Eco-Healthy Eating University does not require you to travel to a college, nor do you need to be wealthy. You learn and apply ways to practice Eco-Healthy eating within your own budget. Studying at an educational center is always expensive in comparison to studying something online. The money saved by taking this course online contributes towards introducing Eco-Healthy eating into your life.

Healthy Eating Self-Evaluation

You learn that healthy eating is required, notwithstanding, how much you really know and how well you apply healthier choices. You’re encouraged by undertaking a healthy eating self-evaluation throughout.

The Eco-Healthy Eating University helps you evaluate healthy eating on your own. Your ability to make healthy choices is reviewed by giving you related self-evaluating questions. They review your knowledge and application of eco-healthy eating practices. The self-evaluation guides you further by creating awareness of what you’ve achieved, and which opportunities exist, thereby becoming aware of how you adopted your eating habits.

Note: Annually paid is 2 months free!