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To qualify for a further 20% discount, read on…

Yes, you are amongst the first interested to enroll to the Eco Individual University and are eligible for this financial offering. Here are some benefits of enrolling:

  • When tapping into natural resources – rainwater and the sun’s energy, you reduce your dependence on service providers. Moreover, you are reducing the impact of ever rising costs.
  • When you use products containing minimal processed chemicals, you gain health benefits. This applies to food products, skin products, and almost anything your body comes into contact with. Moreover, eco-friendly companies produce less pollution.
  • You are of the first to acquire knowledge about living an Eco-Lifestyle.
  • You may or may not be aware that the website of RLGS is in a prelaunch phase and going LIVE soon. You would be one of the first to know when the website is LIVE thereby enabling you to enroll at the Eco Individual University.
  • Now coming to the monetary benefit – as you are one of the first, you are eligible for an additional discount of 20% at the time of enrolling. Note that this means that you get an extra discount above the already discounted fee and offers. Well done!

To be a part of the Eco Individual University at a discounted rate, don’t delay, fill in your details now!

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