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Most Interesting Aspect of Living an Eco-Lifestyle

Living an Eco-Lifestyle transforms our lives: As a well-rounded and responsible human being, we’re able to develop many simple yet interesting habits which benefit ourselves and the environment. However, the most interesting aspect of living an Eco-Lifestyle is the ensuing Eco Awareness.

Some things aren’t taught at any educational center, they are absorbed through experience. Experience is a patient and great teacher.

Today, we the habitants of earth through our evolutionary development as a species and via our modern amenities are causing ills to ourselves and to our environment, in fact we are going through a crisis: Which the majority of the population is unaware of. To guide and assist people understand the dynamics and what is being done to the thin layer of atmosphere surrounding this planet, the factors causing the damage, and that we’ve left ourselves, the humans far behind and that we ourselves are able to prevent further damage to ourselves and the environment, RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) devised the Eco-Individual University. Here, people realize that their life is a wonderful gift and that by embracing this gift, by practicing an eco-lifestyle, by becoming an Eco-Individual, they benefit their lives and the lives of generations to come, and our planet.

Eco-Friendly Living – Misconceptions vs Reality

Eco-Friendly living or practicing an Eco-Lifestyle though simple, is complicated by common misconceptions and prevailing mind-sets. When you’re able to differentiate between the ways to approach this lifestyle, you are on the path to overall Eco Awareness. Living life in an Eco-Friendly manner improves peoples’ lives and contributes in reducing the damage done to the environment.

Why Live an Eco-Lifestyle?

Today, the lives of humans are diseased, our costs are rising, and this planet is on the verge of extinction. Living an Eco-Lifestyle is an important yet easy way to adjust our behavior, thereby reversing the damage being done. This is an important concept that benefits humankind and the environment in many ways.

When we become Eco Warriors and Eco-Individuals and start living an eco-lifestyle, our lives as well as our surroundings are transformed. This concept, though practiced individually, has far-reaching global benefits: Achieved, when people live a healthful life, from their inner satisfaction, empathy for themselves and others, a clear mindset, cleaner air to breathe and clean drinking water, monetary savings, and the knowledge that all our activities do not pollute the environment in any manner.

The Most Interesting Aspect of Living an Eco-Lifestyle

To reiterate: Living an Eco-Lifestyle transforms our lives: As a well-rounded and responsible human being, we’re able to develop many simple yet interesting habits which benefit ourselves and the environment. However, the most interesting aspect of living an Eco-Lifestyle is the ensuing Eco Awareness.

With Eco-Individual Awareness, we develop a sense of responsibility towards ourselves and the environment. We learn that by living an Eco-Lifestyle, whatever benefit we derive, incidentally and automatically benefits the environment. When we look at our health and our lifestyle, we see things from a different perspective and also become aware of earth and our environment. Eco-Individual Awareness guides us to understand the bond between humans, their activities, and the fragility of the environment. We understand why it is important to live an Eco-Lifestyle, that our actions benefit ourselves, and incidentally are conducive to the environment. Our every step becomes another step to live a blissful life which inevitably makes this planet a better place to live on, for ourselves, for this, as well as future generations.

Living an Eco-Lifestyle Heals the Environment

By living an Eco-Lifestyle, we not only develop Eco-Individual Awareness we also develop Environmental Awareness. Both in fact, are important aspect of an Eco-Lifestyle.

With Environmental Awareness, we develop a sense that the earth’s environment is indispensable and fragile. Moreover, that the two are intertwined. We understand that human activities are harmful to all and the environment and that only human activities would save the environment. Environmental Awareness also guides us to motivate our family and friends; to consider their lives, and their impact on the environmental aspects via our everyday activities. We learn and make others aware too of the fact that by living an Eco-Lifestyle, our declining health and the declining health of the earth’s environment would be reversed and healed.

Am I Able to Live an Eco-Lifestyle?

Some people are completely unaware of how and believe that they aren’t able to live an Eco-Lifestyle; some that are well-aware of it, do not practice it, they do not think they’re able to keep it up, and still others know a little bit about it and aren’t able to decide which way to go.

Nevertheless, and despite these different scenarios, we have doubts about successfully living an Eco-Lifestyle!

Fortunately, the easy answer to the doubts is very simple: Yes, everyone is able to live an Eco-Lifestyle. There are different sources of information where anyone is able to gain knowledge about living an Eco-Lifestyle, no matter if you are new to it or have been practicing such an eco-lifestyle for years. For example, the Eco-Individual University of RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) guides students from all over the world how to live an Eco-Lifestyle. Here, the most common doubts about living an Eco-Lifestyle are removed in a very unique way – learners are loosely categorized into these three groups:


This group is comprised of people who are not really aware of what living an Eco-Lifestyle entails, nevertheless they want to do something about their lives and the environment.


This group is comprised of individuals who have heard about living an Eco-Lifestyle and are inspired by what they have heard and implemented some processes and want to evolve their Eco-Lifestyle.


This group is comprised of people who are well-aware, informed and implemented several processes and want to evolve their Eco-Lifestyle even more and are well Eco Aware about how our lifestyles affect humankind and this planet.

By categorizing student offerings in this manner, the Eco-Individual University has a value proposition and offering for every learner. Whether you know very little or everything about living an Eco-Lifestyle, there is always more to learn at this university. We understand you are excited to learn more about the Eco-Lifestyle, so here are some Eco-Tips for you:

  • If you cover short distances using a motorized vehicle that burns fossil fuels, adopt in some cases to covering those distances either by walking or by using a bicycle.
  • Where appliances at your home run on electricity. Instead of running them through grid electricity, run some or all of them from the electricity generated by the sun e.g. solar geysers or photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Reduce the usage of paper, instead use cloth where possible. For example, instead of paper towels, repurpose by cutting up old clothes and use that.

The Eco-Individual University

The Eco-Individual University is a one-of-its-kind educational source from RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) that informs, guides and teaches varied aspects of living an Eco-Lifestyle. The knowledge gained here provides for improving our physical as well as mental health and due to everything being intertwined, for reversing the harm done to the environment. It is an educational resource, a collage of eco lifestyle knowledge uniquely written and curated from new and existing resources in a single place.

Features of the Eco-Individual University

The Eco-Individual University is a unique combination of knowledge and technological advancement; here, the information and latest discoveries about living an Eco-Lifestyle are delivered through different mediums in an efficient manner. Though knowledge about an Eco-Lifestyle has always been available, it’s not always easy to understand and implement. Realizing this, RLGS from its founders’ own experience and research established the Eco-Individual University which is a peace of mind focused resource, aimed at making living an Eco-Lifestyle super-easy. Here are some unmatchable features of the Eco-Individual University:

Those who are completely new to the concept learn the simple and effective steps to living an Eco-Lifestyle.

People already aware of it learn about appropriate ways to implement the principles of an Eco-Lifestyle in their lives. In short, the Eco-Individual University has information and ideas for everyone.

You learn how to live an Eco-Lifestyle within your budget: Making financial capacity a means and not a hurdle to living an Eco-Lifestyle, you are guided by your budget and your own step by step pace, to efficiently evolve your Eco-Lifestyle. The Eco-Individual University teaches you to start living an Eco-Lifestyle at any time, irrespective of your finances.

Learning is thus made easy and fulfilling, and beneficial with each step, no matter how small. There is not any kind of pressure to attend a class or be present at a specific time. You learn at your convenience about living an Eco-Lifestyle. For example, if you are busy in the day, you learn at night, or vice-versa. If you want more time to understand a concept or if you want to learn more concepts in a day, there are no limitations of any kind. All the learning at the Eco-Individual University happens at a self-determined pace and schedule.

Whatever you learn about an Eco-Lifestyle, this university provides you with a chance to self-evaluate your learning at every step.

The Eco-Individual University organizes live webinars at regular intervals where learners would directly learn and interact with experts in the field.

The university also organizes various live Q&A sessions where industry experts settle queries that Eco-Individuals have.

The Eco-Individual University has a Ticketing system, where questions are easily asked and responded to, and situated in the students own private dashboard.

This is a platform for Eco-Individuals, where in addition, they would share, if they wanted to, their Eco-Lifestyle experiences with others. This gives the support and motivation, as and when needed, to continue and also inspire others.

And more…

Living an Eco Lifestyle Self-Evaluation

You learn about living an alternate lifestyle, notwithstanding, how much you really know and how well you apply eco choices. You’re encouraged by undertaking an eco-lifestyle self-evaluation throughout.

The Eco-individual University helps you evaluate eco living on your own. Your ability to make eco choices is reviewed by giving you related self-evaluating questions. They assist you in reviewing your knowledge and application of eco-living practices. The self-evaluation guides you further by creating awareness of what you’ve achieved, and which opportunities exist, thereby becoming aware of how you adopted your lifestyle habits.

Note: Annually paid is 2 months free!