Eco Supplier Advertising

Unique Advertising Membership

The biggest customers of Eco-Suppliers are Eco-Individuals, but every Eco-Supplier faces problems in targeting them. Why? Because Eco-Individuals are not situated at a single place or better said, Eco-Individuals are located in different parts of the world. Some can be in your neighborhood, some in another city, some in another state, and so on. Fortunately, e-commerce has simplified shopping.
Those near you can purchase your Eco-Products as they are aware of them, but Eco-Individuals living far away cannot be your customers if they do not know about your business. In order to make them aware of your existence, it is necessary to advertise your Eco-Products. One of the common objectives of running a business is to achieve new heights in terms of sales and profits, and this applies to Eco-Supplier businesses as well. And, achieving this objective is impossible without advertising unless you are the only manufacturer.

Unique Advertising Agency Membership

Why do businesses (including Eco-Suppliers) go to advertising agencies? Yes, you are right – to get their brand, products, and services promoted. To accomplish this, advertising agencies work hard with the business and come up with an advertisement (multimedia or pictorial) that describes their offerings in the best way.
Yet, you cannot deny the fact that advertising agencies also require a platform to promote their clients’ products and services. This is where the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership of RLGS comes into play. It helps all Advertising Agencies that have Eco-Suppliers as their clients. If the agency prepares the most relevant advertisements for its clients (Eco-Suppliers), this membership provides the best platforms to promote them.
With the hard work of advertising agencies and ultimate support of RLGS in the form of the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership nothing can stop the success of Eco-Suppliers.

Continuous Efficient And Economic Advertising Via Membership

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membershipis available in the form of Set(s) where each set contains all the advertising strategies of RLGS. This is simply because RLGS wants to give every Eco-Supplier, whether big or small, an equal opportunity to grow. But there are different plans for small and larger Eco-Suppliers.
Are you wondering why this is? The advertising strategies are the same in each plan, only the frequency is different. In short, the frequency is the major and only differentiating factor.
If you opt for a bigger plan, you will get more benefits. You only need to pay for 10 months to receive the subscription of a 12 month pack.

Advertising To An Ever-Growing Eco-Audience

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership is advantageous not only for every Eco-Supplier but for advertising agencies as well. For Eco-Suppliers, this membership is an opportunity to present their brand or Eco-Products in front of an ever-growing Eco-Audience which eventually leads to the growth of their business.
This membership fulfills the Omni-Channel advertising needs of Eco-Suppliers and allows them to promote their Eco-Products on different platforms: radio, website, Green Events calendar, social media platforms, blogs and newsletters. All advertising agencies looking for all-around promotion of their clients’ Eco-Products are also served by this membership. In short, this membership perfectly targets Eco-Individuals on all the relevant online, as well as offline, platforms.

Eco Supplier Unique Advertising Membership Components

Radio Spot Adverts

These advertisements of less than one minute (usually) describing Eco-Products are broadcast on the RLGS radio channel that has an ever-growing listener base of an Eco-Audience. No matter how much technology has advanced, radio advertisements are still one of the best ways to entice Eco-Individuals.
Today, there are various options to advertise a product or service but some of them are expensive and some do not cover the desired audience. Amongst all these options, radio is the only medium that is cheap and offers a wide-coverage. Eco-suppliers can search for a radio channel with an ever-growing eco-audience and connect with it to promote their eco-products.

Website Banner Advert

These are pictorial or graphic advertisements of a pre-determined size and highlight the offerings of an Eco-Supplier. Website banner adverts are placed on the official website of RLGS and an ever-growing base of Eco-Individuals visiting this website will also notice these advertisements. All interested visitors who click on these adverts are redirected to that Eco-Product’s respective landing page.
By creating and placing banner advertisements on RLGS’s website, eco-suppliers inform the eco-audience about their eco-products and offerings. These banner ads are an amazing way to redirect eco-audiences to to their website. These ads are placed on RLGS’s social media platforms.

Radio Discussion

These are in-depth discussions about the Eco-supplier and Eco-Product(s) and are broadcast on the radio channel of RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart). For Eco-Suppliers, these are a very important 30-45 minutes where they describe their company and their Eco-Products to Eco-Individuals.
Like informative blogs, Radio Discussions are also a great way to advertise by distributing information to an eco-audience. Eco-suppliers are able to collaborate with a radio channel that has an eco-audience and organize discussions about their eco-products. This way, eco-individuals get the latest and essential information and eco-suppliers also grow their base of loyal customers.

Omni-channel promotion

This helps Eco-Suppliers increase their reach. With technological advancements, Eco-Individuals are no longer dependent on a specific source for any Eco-Information. In order to help them, RLGS is also present on effective and easy to reach platforms such as a radio station, website, social media sites and Google Search. This arrangement makes it possible for Eco-Suppliers to do an all-round promotion of their Eco-Products i.e. on all the platforms where Eco-Individuals are most active.
RLGS is available on all platforms that eco-individuals visit the most. Whether it is a radio channel, the internet, social media or the inbox of eco-individuals, RLGS is present everywhere. Now, eco-suppliers also get a chance to advertise themselves and their eco-products on these platforms. This is known as Omni-Channel promotion and increases the visibility of eco-products via strategic placement on our radio station, our website, social media sites, our newsletters, Green Events and Green Events Calendar, blogs, and videos.

If a business wants to gain success, building a strong brand is a necessity. It influences the responses of current and prospective clients regarding the products or services offered by a business. Building a brand also increases awareness, generates trust, ensures customers are loyal towards the products or services, boosts the morale of employees and improves job satisfaction.

A brand is beneficial to buyers, as well as sellers. It helps the buyers to identify the products or services we like or dislike. Branding not only reduces purchasing time but also the risk perceived by buyers. It helps buyers evaluate the quality of products or services. Above all, buyers feel excited and special, owning certain brands (such as Apple, Mercedes, Rolex, and others).

From the sellers’ point of view, branding differentiates a business’s products from competitors. As branding develops loyal customers, repeat purchases become more common and price comparisons become rare. An advantage with successful brands is that they are able to launch a new product or service at any time. Moreover, branding smoothes promotional efforts and helps in stabilising market share.