Eco Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership Signup

Eco Supplier Advertising Agency Membership

We invite advertising agencies to partner with us in promoting the eco products of their Eco Supplier clients.

For this purpose Radio Live Green Smart devised a unique product namely the Eco Supplier Advertising Agency Membership.

This Membership Plan provides access to Adverting Agencies to advertise their clients products to a target market: Our ever-growing eco-audience.

There is no limitation to the number of Eco Supplier Memberships you’re able to subscribe to on behalf of your Eco Supplier client(s).

Our offering, in addition to the Eco Supplier Advertising Agency Membership Plan, is that you get 40% discount on every Eco Supplier Membership you subscribe to on behalf of your Eco Supplier client(s).

Below we introduce our unique advertising strategy which includes where a smaller eco supplier would partner directly with us, and where advertising agencies would partner with us, for your Eco Supplier clients.

Yes, a 40% discount, each month while the Eco Supplier Membership Plan runs. As seen below each membership runs until cancelled.

The Eco Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership is our undertaking that all the advertisements are advertised to an ever-growing eco-audience. Our advertising components are the Radio Advert Spots, Website Banner Adverts, Radio Discussions, and our Eco Supplier Omni-channel Promotion.

­Advertise Your Eco-Client Business According To Their Budget

Whether they just started out or have been running their eco-product business for many years, RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) has a tailored price plan to suit their business. Each of our price plans contain these common features.

Unique Advertising Features:

Along with these elements, we place a blurb of around 150 words on our website. This blurb introduces the eco-supplier and eco-product to our ever-growing eco-audience. In this blurb, we incorporate backlink(s) to the client’s website and Facebook page. However, the Radio Advert Spot, Banner Image, Logo, Blurbs, and Backlink(s) are provided by the eco-supplier.

Unique Advertising Set Membership

Unique Advertising Transparent Pricing:

In order to give the eco-supplier eco-product(s) relevant exposure, we provide membership plans in the form of Sets. Each Set consists of our unique advertising features mentioned above. Furthermore, depending on the size of a business and the number of eco-products to be advertised, the eco-products and frequency is determined by the eco-supplier in the form of which Set Membership the eco-supplier subscribes to.

The pricing of unique advertising membership plans is simple and transparent.

Each unique advertising membership plan renews automatically every month or every year (as per the plan selected in the beginning, or as upgraded/downgraded), until cancelled by the eco-supplier or advertising agency.

Note: Annually paid is 2 months free!

⚙️ The Sets represent simultaneous advertising, of either one eco-product or the frequency of the eco-product’s advertising of the unique advertising features mentioned above.

Unique Advertising Flexibility:

Though the plans are categorized according to different business sizes, they are not fixed for a particular business. For example, if a Startup wants to increase the frequency of its eco-products’ advertisements through RLGS, merely ignore the guideline above and subscribe to the required Set Membership Plan (depending on the budget and frequency desired for the eco-product promotion to our ever-growing eco-audience).

Advertising Agency Give Your Eco-Client the RLGS Boost

RLGS is has a unique price plan for Advertising Agencies. You’re able to advertise any number of your clients for the agency membership pricing mentioned below. There is no limitation on the number of Membership Sets Agencies subscribe to on behalf of their eco-supplier client(s).

Our offering in addition to the Agency membership pricing, is 40% discount on every eco-supplier Membership Set the agency subscribes to on behalf of their eco-supplier client(s).

Note: Annually paid is 2 months free!