Eco Supplier Unique Advertising Membership Discount Ticket


To qualify for a further 20% discount, read on…

The decision to subscribe to a Set membership plan is a smart move and it would help your business achieve greater heights. Your Eco-Products would now be seen by an ever-growing Eco-Audience because they would be advertised in different forms, through different mediums, and on different platforms.

Sometimes we do not get what we expect, we get more. This is true, at least in the case of an Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Set Membership. You might have expected to land on a subscription page, but this does not look like one.

Yes, it is not the subscription page and you are here because we, at RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart), have a surprise for you. You are eligible for an additional 20% discount on the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Set Membership plan.

Now, you would be able to advertise all your Eco-Products to an ever-growing Eco-Audience and pay 20% less! This surprise gift is for being one of the first subscribers to the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Set Membership plan.

Besides an additional 20% discount, there is another surprise for you – this is the prelaunch phase of our website and we would be LIVE in just a few days. The surprise is that you would be informed about our every progressive move whether big or small.


In order to get this additional discount of 20%, you need to provide us with your basic contact details such as your name and email address, in the simple pre-sales ticket shown below. We would use this information to keep you posted about the offer and add you to our list of recipients.

Another incredible thing with opening a pre-sales ticket is that you are again getting a chance to clarify any doubts you may have about a Set membership. You are going to invest your money and we want you to be 100% satisfied before investing in a Set membership plan. So, open a pre-sales ticket, fill in your basic contact details and then let us know in the space provided about any doubts you might have.

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Once registered you’re able to modify your profile, upload a profile image and an image to represent yourself, either by using a photo or an avatar, you’ll also see all your pre- and post-sale tickets, and all your interactions with us.

We respect your privacy and security.
To safeguard your privacy and security during the registration process, to confirm that you are indeed who you say you are, and not being impersonated by someone else, we implemented several security measures.

These steps are to ensure your safety, privacy and confidentiality, also that of all our members.
After completion of the registration process you’re able to easily select Open a Ticket.

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