Eco Supplier Unique Advertising Membership

With the developments in the field of advertising, Eco-Suppliers have several decisions. In wanting to advertise their brand, wanting to focus on developing their eco product(s), and wanting to reach their target audience, to knowing and choosing the right approach. While large businesses have separate departments to handle the promotion of their products and services, not every Eco-Supplier has such an arrangement.

RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) has after extensive research, developed a unique solution for Eco-Suppliers, the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership, capable of lowering the advertising expenses of any Eco-Supplier business. It promotes Eco-Supplier products in a cost-effective way while providing targeted advertising exposure giving the eco-supplier ample time to focus on their core business.

What the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership Offers?

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership is advantageous not only for every Eco-Supplier but for advertising agencies as well. For Eco-Suppliers, this membership is an opportunity to present their brand or Eco-Products to of an ever-growing Eco-Audience which eventually leads to the growth of their business.

This membership fulfills the Omni-Channel advertising needs of Eco-Suppliers and allows them to promote their Eco-Products on different platforms: radio, website, Green Events Calendar, social media platforms, blogs and newsletters. All advertising agencies looking for all-around promotion of their clients’ Eco-Products are also served by this membership. In short, this membership perfectly targets Eco-Individuals on relevant online platforms.

Why Advertising is Necessary for Eco-Suppliers

The biggest customers of Eco-Suppliers are Eco-Individuals: Eco-Supplier faces challenges in targeting them. Why? Eco-Individuals are not situated at a single area or better said, Eco-Individuals are located in different parts of the world. Some are in your neighborhood, some in another city, some in another state, and so on. Fortunately, e-commerce has simplified shopping.

Those near you would purchase your Eco-Products that is, if they are aware of you and your Eco-Product(s), though Eco-Individuals living elsewhere wouldn’t be your customers if they do not know about your business. In order to make them aware of your existence, it is necessary to advertise your Eco-Products. One of the common objectives of running a business is to achieve new heights in terms of exposure, sales and profits, and this applies to Eco-Supplier businesses as well. And, achieving this objective is difficult without advertising unless you are the only manufacturer.

Which Audience should Eco-Suppliers Target?

We consider that Eco-Individuals are the prime customers of Eco-Suppliers, we refer to those collectively as an Eco-Audience. We recommend that Eco-Suppliers ideally target such an Eco-Audience, but the big question is: how would the Eco-Individuals know about an Eco-Supplier? Well, and vice versa, how would the Eco-Supplier know how to reach an established and ever-growing Eco-Audience.

This is possible when the Eco-Supplier has access to the Eco-Audience. Yes, the success rate of an Eco-Supplier’s business increases when its Eco-Products are advertised to a target audience.

If you refer to the dictionary meaning of a target audience, you find that it is an individual or a group of people targeted to watch or listen to something – this is similar when used in advertising Eco-Products. Here, a target audience is a group of people always interested in the offerings of an Eco-Supplier, its Eco-Products and any related information. This might be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • When they know that a particular Eco-Supplier has a solution to their requirement, or its Eco-Products are capable of improving their lives.
  • When the ideals and values of an Eco-Individual matches with those of an Eco-Supplier, an emotional connection is built.
  • When the Eco-Individual knows that their shopping experience with a particular Eco-Supplier was previously successful and pleasant.

There are many businesses who have scaled great heights because they advertised to a target audience. Now, it is the turn of Eco-Suppliers to grow exponentially by advertising to a collective target audience. Here are some of the many benefits Eco-Suppliers get while advertising to a target audience:

  • Guaranteed higher exposure and engagement.
  • Eco-Products are advertised to an already known niche audience.
  • The conversion rates when advertising to a target audience are significantly higher.

How Would Eco-Suppliers Find a Target Audience?

Fortunately, Eco-Suppliers do not need to go anywhere to find a target audience because RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) has an ever-growing Eco-Audience. When Eco-Suppliers target this audience, they witness a rise in exposure, sales and profits.

This is simply because of two reasons: firstly, because RLGS is a Peace of Mind Focused Eco Lifestyle News, Information, Innovation, Products and Unique Advertising source and secondly because RLGS is present on different platforms such as the radio, website, social media, and others.

When Eco-individuals from anywhere in the world see that a particular Eco-Supplier is promoting their eco-product, they are attracted towards them. Moreover, when Eco-Individuals access the different platforms of RLGS, an all-round impact is made, and the emphasized Eco-Products are noticed more easily.

Different Components of the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership has an all-round exposure to enhance the reach of an Eco-Supplier. When an Eco-Supplier subscribes to this membership, most online bases are covered to reach the target audience. This membership fulfills a comprehensive advertising strategy for the Eco-Supplier. Here are the primary components of the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership:

These advertisements of less than one minute (usually) describing Eco-Products are broadcast on the RLGS radio channel that has an ever-growing Eco-Audience listener base. No matter how much technology has advanced, radio advertisements are still a sound way to entice Eco-Individuals. The podcast of the Radio Spot Advert is in addition present on our website for further exposure.

These are pictorial or graphic advertisements of a pre-determined size and highlight the offerings of an Eco-Supplier. The Website Banner Advert is placed strategically on our website. All interested visitors who click on these adverts are redirected to that Eco-Supplier’s respective Eco-Product landing page.

These are discussions about an Eco-Supplier and their Eco-Product and broadcast on the RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) radio channel. The discussion between the radio host and Eco-Suppliers is around 30-45 minutes to inform Eco-Individuals of their company and product. The podcast of the Radio discussion is in addition present on our website, as well as a video is cut of the discussion plus highlight slides, and hosted via YouTube, for further exposure.

This refers to Omni-Channel advertising which focusses to increase the exposure and reach of Eco-Suppliers. With technological advancements, Eco-Individuals are no longer dependent on a specific source for Eco-Information. In order to reach them, RLGS is present on the effective and popular platforms such as a radio station, website, social media sites, and newsletters. This arrangement makes it possible for RLGS to promote Eco-Suppliers and their Eco-Products on several platforms where Eco-Individuals are active. Importantly, via RLGS’s Unique Advertising Membership, the promotion would be implemented on platforms that newly enter the market – thereby extending the reach of the Eco-Supplier automatically.

How Advertising Agencies Benefit from the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership

Why do businesses (including Eco-Suppliers) go to advertising agencies? Yes, you are right – to promote their brand, products, and services. To accomplish this, advertising agencies work with their client’s business and come up with an advertising campaign (multimedia or pictorial) that describes their offerings in an efficient and attractive way.

Yet, and importantly, advertising agencies also require a platform to promote their clients’ products and services. This is where the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership of RLGS comes into play. It assists Advertising Agencies that have Eco-Suppliers as their clients. If the agency prepares the most relevant advertisements for its clients (Eco-Suppliers), this membership provides the platform to promote their Eco-Supplier clients to an ever-growing targeted Eco-Audience

By combining the advertising agency energy with that of RLGS in the form of the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership, the exposure and reach is optimally extended for their Eco-Supplier clients.