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Successful Brands Are Thoughtfully Nurtured

Why Radio Advertising Works

Despite the emergence of various new advertising platforms, radio is still a useful and successful medium for advertising. It connects brands directly with the audience, listeners feel connected when hearing the information or messages on the radio. Though visual advertising rules the world radio advertising brings real success, even to small businesses.


There are many educational institutes and courses which specialize in teaching different ways to market and sell a product or service. Notwithstanding, few are devoted to eco-suppliers, especially on how to advertise their eco-products.

This gap is filled by the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University of RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) where eco-suppliers learn about best practices to entice eco-individuals. The eco-suppliers are provided with first-hand experience combined with intensively researched tactics to describe eco-products and offerings to an ever-growing eco-audience. The Unique Advertising course provides lifelong learning that guides eco-suppliers in attracting eco-individuals to grow and extend visibility and reach, and consequently grow income and profits.

What Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University offers?

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University includes teaching eco-suppliers various successful methods to advertise their eco-products. Though, every eco-supplier dreams of serving an established eco-audience, not many have the knowhow or time to successfully nurture their brand.

This university course introduces eco-suppliers to different advertising approaches and their implementation. By enrolling to the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, you learn about enticing eco-individuals through Radio, Websites, Emails, Green Events, and various other mediums. The eco-suppliers also learn how to present their eco-products to fulfil the needs of eco-individuals.

What are the Benefits of Advertising?

An advertisement is a paid for message by the business meant to inform and influence recipients. Advertising is the process to communicate with the present and potential users/customers of a product or service.

Today, advertising uses every possible medium to present the messages of a business to its desired target audience. Advertising provides various benefits to the businesses such as it increases the brand awareness, introduces a product in the market, expands the market, attracts more customers, increases sales, enhances good-will, identifies targeted segments, informs consumers, is the voice of the business, and more.

For Eco-Suppliers, advertising to a target audience…

Today, new advertising practices are replacing the traditional ones. Advertising to a target audience is a clear winner, by being a cost-effective advertising strategy.

When a business first understands their customer profile, before presenting their products or services, advertising has a higher ROI. Moreover, by presenting to a target audience a business focuses its attention on its offerings to specifically cater to the needs and wants of their prospective customers.

Notwithstanding that a business is unsure of its messages and offerings, by reaching the appropriate target group, its advertising still brings results, though understandably smaller results. Target audience advertising is unintrusive, effective and affordable.

Advertising to a target audience is similar to cross-marketing where customers of a particular product are targeted to measure interest in a related product. For example, RLGS has a target audience and eco-suppliers usually benefit from it. Yes, to increase growth for eco-suppliers, the advertising strategy of RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart), targeting eco-individuals is efficient and dependable. The offering is aimed at being the Peace of Mind Focused, Eco lifestyle resource. When researching Eco products, this is where to find the latest, unbiased, comprehensive and engaging resources that arm visitors with knowledge and peace of mind to make informed decisions.

Eco-individuals from all over the world find – even the smallest eco healthy living information – when visiting our platforms. RLGS’s eco-audience and listeners are an ideal target audience to eco-suppliers. Their presence on different platforms, subscription to newsletters and Green Events calendar, enrolment in the different university courses, and other activities, indicate that they are already living or are interested in living an eco-lifestyle.

Different components of the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Strategy comprises various advertising components employed in effectively promoting eco-products. When an eco-supplier takes part in our unique advertising university, they learn about these advertising components and aspects:

Radio Advert Spots:

These are advert recordings describing a product or service. They are run in-between various different programs aired on a radio channel. When eco-suppliers advertise their eco-products via radio advert spots, for instance with RLGS, they directly present to an ever-growing eco-audience.

Website Banner Advert:

These are of a pre-determined size of static or animated images mentioning the eco-products or offers. With Website Banner Adverts, eco-suppliers are able to promote their brand, for instance with RLGS, they each have their distinct website page.

Radio Discussion:

These are discussions on a radio channel, used by eco-suppliers, with RLGS for instance, to inform the ever-growing eco-audience about their eco-products and the benefits they provide to living an eco-lifestyle.

Eco-Supplier Promotion:

With us, this is the most influential part of RLGS’s unique advertising strategy. It widens the visibility and reach of eco-suppliers to an ever-growing target audience of eco-individuals. The eco-supplier brand, product(s) and offerings are promoted to a number of well frequented platforms, (the strategy is also known as Omni-Channel / Multi-Channel advertising – the promotion is done across different platforms such as Radio Station, Website, Social Media Sites and more.


Eco-Suppliers are the business persons involved in selling eco-products and importantly also the drivers of change and passionate to evolve the lifestyle of eco-individuals. They are providing evolutionary products and services for living an eco-lifestyle. Eco-Suppliers play this major role while at the same time their efforts as well as the efforts of eco-individuals improve quality of life, reduce living costs, reduce reliance on non-renewables, thereby also saving our environment and the planet.

When eco-suppliers enrol at our Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, they learn effective processes and methods to advertise and communicate to an ever-growing eco-audience. This increases their reach and visibility, their sales and generate higher revenues.

At Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, the methods to promote a brand are taught in such a manner that even Startups and Innovators are able to present to an eco-audience. Here, eco-suppliers learn how to advertise their eco-products, in a step-by-step way.

Easy to follow getting started with eco-supplier unique advertising

Suppose you are a new eco-supplier and don’t know how to attract a target audience for your eco-product(s). At the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, you learn efficient ways, even as a Startup Eco-Supplier, would follow to enter the market, what tactics are relevant to advertising eco-product(s), where to find an anticipated target audience, and methods to entice them and thereby increase sales.

Easy to follow tips to Omni-channel advertising

At Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, eco-suppliers learn efficient ways of using Omni-channel / multi-channel advertising. They get clear information about the digital era full of competition, and using different platforms, known as Omni-Channels, to promote themselves, their brand and eco-product(s).

Here are some Omni-channel advertising tips for eco-suppliers:

If you are an eco-supplier with a website, make sure that it is accessible on the computer as well as on mobile devices, both Tablets and Smartphones. This way, when an eco-individual sees your advertisement on any other source and clicks it, he/she is redirected to either your website or mobile site, depending upon the device being used.

When you have a new eco-product and want more and more eco-individuals to purchase it, make sure your message about it is visible on the popular social media platforms simultaneously. Remember that when advertising this way, the same message on all the platforms is more impactful rather than a different message on every platform.

You concurrently describe your eco-products via blogs on your website, newsletters via emails and through Radio Discussions on a reputed radio channel.

The Distinctive Benefits of Subscribing to Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University

At the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, eco-suppliers get the following distinctive benefits:


All the advertising methods learnt at this university would be implemented at your self-determined pace and schedule.


Here, all eco-suppliers, big and small, discover efficient ways to advertise their eco-product(s) according to their respective budget.


The eco-suppliers are able to self-evaluate their unique advertising awareness, explore achievements and opportunities.


With frequent live interactive webinars and Q&A sessions, Eco-suppliers gain information, learn new advertising tactics, and clarify any doubts.

Note: Annually paid is 2 months free!