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Why is advertising important?

Whether you are a big or small company, want more brand awareness or are selling a product – money spent on appropriate advertising is never wasted.

Regarding Advertising in General

If you are a seller, you should know that there are always two types of buyers. The first type of buyers know what their needs are and directly purchase the goods or services. The second type of buyers are made to realize their needs and after being enlightened, they choose a particular product or service.

This enlightenment is done through advertising and today, almost every seller is familiar with the term “advertisement”. But most of them do not properly incorporate advertising in their marketing activities which results in poor targeting, missing a large window of opportunity, and ultimately loss of revenue. This might be because most sellers are not aware of the important role advertising plays in marketing a product or service; advertising is very important for a business.

Do not worry, below we have some common reasons describing why advertising is important for a business to survive, grow, and flourish. They are:

Voice of the Company

Advertisements are the voice of a company which helps in sending its message loudly and clearly to the target audience. For this purpose, companies use different media platforms such as radio, television, newspapers, shopping outlets, social media, magazines, and billboards.

Increased Brand Awareness

Advertisements play a vital role in increasing brand awareness. When you advertise your products or services via media like radio, television, billboards, social media, etc. you spread awareness about your company or brand. People start taking an interest in your brand’s name which results in them searching for your products and buying them.

Amplified Customer Traffic

Advertisements are the biggest reasons for increased customer traffic. The more your brand is advertised, the more people will know about your company and take an interest in your offerings. For example, an advertisement will bring people to your door and if you are a new manufacturer, you can distribute free samples. This will do wonders for you as well as for your customers. They will try your products and come back if they like it.

Segment Identification

When a company’s marketing and promotional strategies are loosely structured, it might fail to successfully target the “right” audience. A well-thought-out marketing plan and promotional strategy often helps companies find out about the different segments of customers in the market. This way they can offer appropriate solutions to their customers.

Needed to Survive

Advertising is needed to survive. Initially, some companies consider advertising an expense and do not focus much on it. This results in decreased popularity; fewer people know about their products and it further impacts their revenue stream. Moreover, the company’s position in comparison to their competitors, deteriorates. In short, the business will face a slowdown and it will be difficult for it to survive.

Why Advertising Eco-Products is Necessary?

As you are the supplier of eco-products, you know why advertising eco-products is necessary. Advertising eco-products increases Eco-Awareness. A large number of people are aware of this planet’s worsened condition and in order to ease their lives, are shifting towards an eco-lifestyle and the use of eco-products. However, the majority of the world’s population is still not aware of the life-changing benefits that eco-products provide. An advertisement is the simplest way to inform people about the environmental situation and how to deal with it via eco-products.

Moreover, advertising adds credibility to the existence of eco-suppliers. Every time they advertise their eco-products, people come to know that they exist and are doing well. The perception that the eco-supplier can afford to advertise is sometimes enough to sell their products.

Above all, advertising is that single medium you have control over. Suppose that an eco-supplier wants to reveal their message on a particular day when an event happens or a product is to be launched, advertising is the single vehicle they can use at that time.

What is the Most Successful Way to Advertise Eco-Products?

Eco-products are in the growth stages and will remain in that stage for quite a while as every day a number of people become consumers of eco-products. Every eco-supplier wishes they had access to an established target audience to whom their eco-products and services would be easily presented.
The easiest form of this already established target audience is a captive audience. Yes, captive audience marketing works for the advertisers and in the case of eco-products, there cannot be a better practice than captive audience advertising because it provides the following benefits:

  • The products or services advertised to the captive audience get a high frequency of exposure. These are people already engaged in similar activities and the relevant advertising is blended in.
  • A captive audience is a highly targeted audience. Advertisers would approach a concentrated number of potential customers and target them effectively.
  • In this way, advertising to a captive audience cost less. In fact, it is better than most other advertising practices.

How RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) is the Advertising Source for Eco-Suppliers?

RLGS is a source where comprehensive information about eco-friendly details are obtained. Our live radio has a unique base of listeners comprising of eco-individuals living in different parts of the world.

After analyzing the statistics and reviews of our ever-growing listeners, inferring that almost all of them listen to our radio because they are interested about living an eco-lifestyle and want to bring wonderful changes to their lives. They rely on us for the necessary information related to living an eco-lifestyle.

As we are the Peace of Mind Focused Eco-Lifestyle News, Information, Innovation, Products and Unique Advertising source, our large base of listeners is a captive audience waiting to be tapped by eco-suppliers.

But this does not mean we simply promote eco-suppliers through some common advertisements in-between different programs. As mentioned above, RLGS is a unique advertising source and our platform would be utilized by eco-suppliers to advertise in the following ways:

RLGS offers radio spot adverts which means that eco-suppliers get an already influenced target audience (captive audience) comprising of eco-individuals. As our radio station broadcasts anytime and anywhere, eco-suppliers get an all-time ready and globally available platform to promote their products and services. Moreover, the cost of radio spot adverts is much less in comparison to other formats of advertising.

Within our unique advertising offering, the second feature is a website banner advert. We provide you with the opportunity to present yourself in front of our large audience via website banner adverts on our website. The banners on our website will reveal your offerings and when any interested eco-individual clicks on your banner adverts, he/she will be redirected to your website. Moreover, your banner ad on our website will ensure your brand is recognized in no time.

RLGS conducts various radio discussions to spread awareness about the eco-lifestyle. These discussions involve experts, the eco-suppliers, as well as our audience. As part of our unique advertising process, we include the names and details of eco-suppliers during our discussions. Moreover, we give different brands the opportunity to advertise during these discussions. The uniqueness of the offering is enhanced by RLGS’s Green Events Calendar where every radio discussion is promoted.

Eco-supplier Omni-channel Promotion: Eco-suppliers and their products are advertised via different channels. With its presence on different channels, RLGS offers a unique Omni-channel strategy which generates higher exposure in comparison to other conventional advertising methods.

The aforementioned is our unique way to advertise the eco-supplier and their products and services.

What are the Benefits of Radio Spot Adverts?

How to make a great radio commercial

Radio as a medium for advertising is very effective at influencing an audience’s emotional response or connection to a well-thought out and impactful advert.

Despite the emergence of various new advertising forms, radio spot adverts still remain a favorite. Contrary to common thinking, radio is still a vital communication channel with an ever-increasing audience. The biggest economies all over the world are experiencing a consistent increment in radio advertising spending and this continuous growth is not expected to stop until 2021.

In this digital era, radio spot adverts are still considered a viable and highly effective medium to market products and services to audiences of numerous stations across the globe. This is simply because it brings results; it works.

Radio spot adverts are a perfect way to uplift advertising campaigns and intensify marketing strategies. This marketing approach amplifies your brand’s impact. You’ll witness a growth in exposure, your brand’s message is spread as desired, your existing clients/customers keep coming back, and all this without affecting your budget.

Some of the prime advantages/benefits of advertising through radio are described below:

Wide Reach

Most of the current platforms of advertising such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. require an active audience to make the advertising campaign a success. With radio spot adverts, the listener just needs to press a button and your message will reach your listeners’ ears. A radio audience involves active, as well as passive listeners such as employees working at a desk, people commuting to the workplace, etc. As soon as the advertisement is played, every listener immediately hears what is being conveyed in that message.

With radio spot adverts, you don’t need to generate organic traffic or urge people to like and share your informative posts on social media because the radio station you selected will start distributing your message straight away, without any extra effort from your side.

Direct Connection with Consumers

We have all seen many people on the roads, not going to school or work, but heading towards the nearby departmental or grocery store to buy living essentials. In such cases, your listeners already have a purchasing mind-set and when they receive a message related to new products or sales, it usually brings results.

Radio spot adverts help you in targeting your crucial audience via station placement and time slots aimed to attract active shoppers. You get the chance to advertise your business to people ready to spend.

A Voice Backing Your Brand

Traditional newspaper adverts, currently preferred digital content and social media marketing is effective, allowing the user to experience what the brand is and what it has to offer. The radio spot advertisement is different because it provides your brand with a real voice which gives you the opportunity to openly speak to your audience.

Rather than viewing your brand’s name curated in a skillfully worded article, people who have heard your advertisement once or twice on the radio, develops your brand’s image in their mind on the basis of your voice, message, and attitude.

Captive Audience at a Much Lower Price

One of the biggest advantages of radio spot adverts is that it allows your messages to be conveyed to a captive and targeted audience at a price much below that of many other advertising mediums. If a small business wants to reach a certain audience group, then radio advertising is the most cost-effective medium.

For example, to tap a captive audience by making a 30-second ad for a prime time TV slot is much costlier than targeting the same audience via a radio spot advert.

Anytime, Anywhere Medium

Because radio is portable, advertisers get the chance to reach prospective customers on the go. Businesses advertising through radio gain an edge over their competitors. The approachability of radio allows listening to happen in places where other media cannot easily reach.

For example, your target audience will not read a magazine or a newspaper while driving, nor will they watch TV while gardening, but they can listen to a radio in such conditions. Today, with the advent of radio station apps, radio overlaps the digital media phenomenon.

Community’s Pulse

Radio is local and live, it reflects different communities. Most listeners are people interested in knowing about current and upcoming happenings in their communities like special events, traffic updates, news, entertainment, weather reports, and sports.

With such local community updates, radio adverts tap into the community’s pulse, people show interest in listening to the messages. Moreover, today radio bears the characteristics of the digital world and acts as a constant companion to people – with them wherever they are. It is very easy to deliver your messages via radio.

Radio Reaches Target Audiences with Frequency

Advertising brings fruitful results with continuous repetition. The target audience would hear the commercial three to four times before responding to the call to action. Though there are different mediums to reach such frequency levels, the most cost-effective way is radio advertising.

People love to listen to the radio and they engage themselves in several hours of commercialised radio every week. In these hours, the listeners hear an advertisement several times and develop an attraction towards a particular brand.

Immediate, Flexible Advertising with Robust Call-To-Action

It is quite simple and fast to create radio commercials. Unlike other forms, a radio advertisement can be prepared on very short notice. It usually takes less than a week to successfully air a radio advertising campaign. Moreover, you can easily make changes to your radio advertising campaign whenever you want.

Because of the flexible schedule of radio commercials, your messages are delivered as consumers are out shopping. The audience can act on your message and actively participate in the competitions organized by radio stations.

You too can gain all these and many other advantages of radio advertising by joining hands with RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart). We already have an audience of eco-individuals, all you need to do is contact us with the message you want to be delivered to this audience. Our audience is open to genuine eco-suppliers, and if you are one, we will help you reach them.

What are the Benefits of Radio Discussions?

History proves that radio has served as one of the best educational mediums in the developing world. Today, radio is extensively used to broadcast informative programs in both developed and developing nations. This process of spreading essential knowledge via radio is known as radio discussion.

What are Radio Discussions?

Most people who are familiar with radio, know about radio discussions. For those who aren’t familiar: Radio discussions are a format of radio program which contains talks about vital issues and consists of original spoken word content, with no outside music. Most discussions contain interviews with experts or different guests on specific topics. Radio discussions also include the participation of listeners, the conversations between listeners and the host, and are broadcast live.

The contributions of listeners are normally screened by the show’s producers to maximize the interest of the audience. Radio discussions are organized in segments and each of them are divided by a pause where advertisements are broadcast. The radio discussions may include conservative discussions, hot discussions, liberal discussions (mostly known as progressive discussions), and sports discussion.

How Advertising Between Radio Discussion Shows Benefit Businesses?

There are numerous benefits of radio discussions for advertisers and some of the major ones are described below:

Listeners are Involved in Radio Discussions

Radio discussions involve listeners because the discussions give them answers to most of their queries. When satisfied, they tune-into the station daily, weekly, or whatever the frequency of discussion programs is.

When advertising on such programs, the focus would be on the consistency and frequency of advertisements, so the involved audience is continuously exposed to the advertisements.

Radio Discussion Audience is Loyal

When people listen to a particular radio discussion show and they benefit from the information, or they feel that the show’s content reflects their personality, they become loyal to that show.

If you are advertising in between the radio discussion shows, it means you can take advantage of this audience’s loyalty and use influencer marketing. As the listeners are already connected to these shows, the products and brands advertised in-between these shows would be their priority.

Radio Discussion Audience is Expectant

The audiences of radio discussion programs are loyal and they do not miss any episodes unless something very important happens. Irrespective of the fact that they are enjoying listening to radio discussions, they expect certain types of advertising as it breaks the monotony of constant talking.

Businesses advertising between radio discussions would come up with advertisements that resonate with their target listeners and are different from the “discussion” in order to entertain and surprise.

Radio Discussion Audience is Quality

The listeners of radio discussion shows are very different from the listeners of entertainment shows. The discussion audience usually consists of people with higher incomes and most of them have at least a house and a family.

If you advertise to this group of people, they understand your message and most probably want your products or services, as most of them are financially stable and ready to bring meaningful changes to their life.

Radio Discussion Audience Trust their Station

Since a radio discussion audience gains valuable knowledge and genuine guidance from the shows, they start trusting that station. They consider it as a major informative source and get highly involved with the messages broadcast on this station.

This is beneficial for businesses advertising on the station because the products or services advertised here are purchased, including, on the basis of trust. The quality and advantages of the products or services are thus complemented.

No matter if your budget is limited or if you are not aware of the targeted audience, advertising between radio discussions benefits your business.

How RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) Promotes your Brand?

As you are aware, RLGS is the Peace of Mind Focused Eco-Lifestyle News, Information, Innovation, Products and Unique Advertising source, and has a unique audience base of eco-individuals from different parts of the world.

When advertising on the RLGS platform, eco-suppliers gain global exposure. People living in different places and countries show interest in the products and services advertised on our platform.

We organize different discussion programs on our radio station. The discussions are informative involving eco-suppliers, the experts in their concerned field, and involve the active participation of eco-individuals where they clear doubts and share their experiences of living an eco-lifestyle.
The discussion programs on the platform of RLGS promote eco-suppliers in two ways. One is the conventional way where advertisements occur in between the discussions and the another is a unique way where eco-suppliers can utilize the whole discussion for promoting themselves and their eco-products.

Our audience is comprised mainly of eco-individuals and is always in search of new and beneficial information related to an eco-lifestyle. You, being the eco-supplier, are one of the best information sources. We provide you with the opportunity to interact with our listeners via our discussion shows.

You are given the opportunity to use our discussion programs as a tool to market your brand. With our unique advertising method, you would communicate with eco-individuals the way you want, improve your credibility, and deliver more value to your existing clients. The amazing thing is that all this is made available to you at a remarkably low price. When you start advertising on our platform, your business starts generating ever-increasing exposure.

Wait, we have a surprise for you. RLGS manages a Green Events Calendar which is subscribed to by eco-individuals and our global listeners. It keeps them updated about all the Green Events happening near their homes and also in faraway places. As part of our Unique Advertising, we promote every discussion on our Green Events Calendar. Our subscribers are informed in advance about the upcoming discussions on our platform and, you then get the opportunity to promote yourself via our discussion shows.

5 tips for creating the best banner ads for selling your brand

Through trial and error, you would find the best banner adverts that work for you and your goods or services. It is easy and quick and very worthwhile.

Being an eco-supplier you always remain in search of new and unique methods to advertise your products or services. If you are here, it means you are interested in advertising your brand through the platform of RLGS and are enlightening yourself about our unique advertising methods.

Another offering by RLGS is Website Banner Adverts. A website banner advert is a type of advertisement used for promoting products, services, causes, and events on blogs, websites, and in e-newsletters. It consists of an image (.png, .gif, .jpg) or an animated image. Thus, Website Banner Adverts are animated or static, as desired.

How Do Website Banner Adverts Work?

You might have seen physical banners outside some shops expressing great discounts on a specific product range or speaking about some new product which triggers your curiosity. The same work is done by website banner adverts.

Website banner adverts are created with only a single objective: generating traffic to your site so that the visitor can see your offers and hopefully, make a deal. But this needs to be done carefully, your website banner advert should fit perfectly in that particular context.

Website banner adverts work in the same manner as conventional print media advertising works: they inform the target audience about products, they gain people’s attention, enhance brand awareness, etc. In short, website banner adverts are a medium to send people to your site to explore your offerings and business.

What are the Benefits of Website Banner Adverts?

If you are using Website Banner Adverts as an advertising tool, you get the following benefits:

Increased Customer Traffic

Website banner adverts encourage traffic to click on the advertisement and visit the advertiser’s site. When you want to increase the traffic for your website, banner ads is such a tool.

Enhanced Sale of Your Products or Services

Website banner adverts encourage people to purchase certain products or services. When the banner ad on a particular website is related to the target audience and offers an answer to the visitor’s question, the chances are that he/she will click on it.

Grab the Attention of Customers

One of the most challenging tasks in today’s world is to capture somebody’s attention. When you understand your target audience and use appropriate information as well as creativity to develop website banner adverts, you come up with different ideas such as a simple background having a stylish font, an animated lively advert, etc. All such ideas successfully grab the attention of customers.

Promote New Products

Website banner adverts help businesses promote their latest products because the banner advertisements allow them to put forward their offerings in the form of text, attractive colours, animation, and photos.

Build the Brand

One of the biggest assets of a company is its brand name. When trust develops between a company and its customers, they make a purchase and that trust often leads to repeated purchases by customers. Website banner adverts put forward your website’s name and logo in front of the target audience.

New Customers

With some forms of online advertising, people need to find out more about a company’s name or product first before responding, but with banner adverts, even if the company is new, you’re able to introduce your brand to gain new business.

Cost-effective and Easily Created

It is easy to get banner advertisements that even small businesses use them to promote their products. In fact, there are several online tools which allow companies to create free banner adverts. The money required to develop a banner ad would then be saved and the only expense occurs in their placement. Creating web banner adverts thereby saves costs.

Flexible Price Structures

Besides being cost-effective, a business enjoys the flexibility of pricing structures when it decides to promote its brand through website banner adverts. In the past, advertising space sellers used to charge advertisers on the basis of the total visitors clicking their ad. While this is still common today, some sellers charge a fixed fee depending upon the result, such as when a customer makes a purchase or finishes a survey.

Today, advertisers also have the option to purchase space by bidding in real-time. This gives them the chance to buy premier advertising space at a lower price.

These are some of the primary benefits website banner adverts provide.

How RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) Promotes Eco-Suppliers via Website Banner Adverts?

As you know RLGS is a Peace of Mind Focused Eco Lifestyle News, Information, Innovation, Products and Unique Advertising resource, you, being an eco-supplier, would use to advertise your eco-products and services.

If you are an eco-supplier, you would be looking for a website that provides you with a relevant target audience. RLGS has a niche audience of eco-individuals which is easily targeted through website banner adverts. This boosts your market presence and attract more and more people towards your business activities.

This is just a hint of our unique advertising methods. When you join hands with us, there will be a lot more to discover.

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

The consumer today uses many different channels or devices to access information and buy products. Deliver a consistent message with your brand and products across various channels and platforms to ensure visibility and consistency.

Are you able to come up with a few things businesses are doing to be highly successful? You might have thought of some of the following: they would come up with innovative ideas, hire appropriate talent, build a network, and offer the best quality products and services at affordable prices, and much more. But the most important thing that makes them highly successful is their visibility.
If a business is not visible to its target audience, it would not gain popularity which means there will be fewer sales, less profit, and ultimately limited success. Today, a business would get perfect visibility through an Omni-channel promotional strategy.

Since you are an eco-supplier and the market for eco-products is just gaining momentum, it becomes essential to be visible on several popular and relevant platforms. The best way to enhance visibility and pave the way to ultimate success is an Omni-Channel Promotional strategy aka Omni-Channel Advertising.

What is Omni-Channel Advertising?

Before moving any further, it is necessary to understand what Omni-channel advertising is. As in multi-channel advertising, the interaction between a brand and its potential customers happens on several platforms, but Omni-channel advertising also provides current and potential customers the option to interact with brands through various platforms.

It is understood that Omni-channel advertising is a seamless approach to interacting with existing and potential customers on different platforms. The basic objective of every seller is to generate profits, and this can only be achieved when they effectively reach their target customers.

Today, marketers know that people have access to newspapers, televisions, computers, smartphones, and many other platforms. That is why they promote their products through various platforms and attract new and existing customers.

What Benefits does Omni-Channel Advertising Provide?

When you choose the Omni-Channel marketing strategy over other strategies, you get the following benefits:

Quick Revenue Growth

It has been noted that customers approached through multi-channels spend more online in comparison to those approached via a single channel. The Omni-Channel customers are mostly repeat customers and also spend more in secondary visits. These and many more statistics are enough to prove that a business would be served to invest in an Omni-channel advertising strategy.

Higher Customer Retention

Today, every company wants to win a customer’s loyalty and attention, but few succeed. When customers are approached via an Omni-channel strategy, a familiar environment surrounding the brand is developed. Customers can freely voice their desires and brands can easily fulfill them.

Perfect Utilization of Various Channels

It has been confirmed by different researchers that customers start shopping on one platform and finish their purchase on a different platform. For example, they read about your product while using Twitter on their smartphone but make the final purchase by visiting your website through a laptop. This is especially beneficial when your business is present on multiple channels.

Cross-Channel Insight

When a brand is present on different platforms, the various channels provide the data which shows the customer’s response towards it. By evaluating that data, a business easily tracks its performance to develop future strategies.

The Significance of a Presence on Different Channels

Before making a new purchase, a customer tends to use different sources of information. When a brand is present on different channels, it makes a positive impression on the mind of a customer which often results in a purchase.

How Eco-Supplier Benefit Through Omni-Channel Promotion?

The biggest buyers of eco-supplies are eco-individuals and like all other people, they also access information through various platforms. They read newspapers, watch television, surf the internet, and remain busy on their smartphones. In fact, they spend a considerable amount of time on the internet because they always remain in search of new and vital methods to live an eco-lifestyle. Being an eco-individual, it is easy to spread awareness about the benefits of living an eco-lifestyle. That is why you would see that they are very active on social media as well.

For eco-suppliers, an online approach is the best way to attract such people. An online approach includes being visible on a website, mobile site, Twitter, Facebook, etc. When eco-suppliers promote their eco-products via different online platforms, not only do their brands gain the necessary recognition, their exposure also increases.

How RLGS Benefits Eco-suppliers Through Omni-channel Promotion?

Radio Live Green Smart (RLGS) is a source of eco-lifestyle news, products, information, innovation, and promotion. We are available on all online platforms where eco-individuals spend most of their time. Be it Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other place, they are never far from us.

Via our unique advertising, we promote eco-suppliers in a number of ways. For example, we advertise our eco-supplier client’s products on our website by placing the attractive banners provided by them. We do the same by placing their banners in our newsletters.

Despite making or supplying the best products, the biggest challenge eco-suppliers always face is the promotion of their products on multiple channels. With the presence of RLGS, eco-suppliers gain visibility, because we provide multi-channel/omni-channel marketing and advertising as part of our unique advertising offering.

You know that we are available on all the platforms where eco-individuals are present the most and our eco-audience has already indicated that they are interested in living an eco-lifestyle. We promote our eco-supplier clients on all platforms where we are present. A glimpse of our unique advertising strategy is as follows:

  • People listening to our radio programs hear when we mention our eco-suppliers in discussions and in-between the programs.
  • They follow us on social media – we promote our eco-suppliers on these platforms.
  • People regularly visit our website for any new development in the eco-world – we place the banner advertisements of our eco-suppliers on our website and make our audience aware of their offerings.
  • Eco-individuals refer to our Green Events Calendar where we advertise our eco-suppliers’ brands and products through our calendar.

These are some of the many ways we promote your business using our Omni-channel promotional strategy. When you, the eco-supplier, avail yourself of our unique advertising services, you have a widespread presence on the Internet. This means that your authoritative status increases and this increment in your authoritative position enhances your visibility.

Summary of Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising

Get More Eyes and Ears on Your Business – Advertise On Every Smartphone

Never before has it been easier to reach the masses with your message or products. Promote and advertise your brand daily!

It is clear that our planet is going through a crisis. The natural calamities, unstable environment, and dreadful diseases are proof that if no proper measures are taken today, it will be too late tomorrow. You, the eco-suppliers, have realized this and are on a mission to improve the health of individuals while saving this planet.

By becoming an eco-supplier, you have taken a significant step. You have joined a group that is working seriously towards improving the lifestyle of people and the health of this planet. Like you, RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) is also on a mission to support people in living an eco-lifestyle.

We are a Peace of Mind Focused Eco Lifestyle News, Information, Innovation, Products and Unique Advertising resource dedicated to enhancing the way people live and making this planet a better place to live, not only for this generation but for future generations too.
Since you (the eco-suppliers) and we are on the same path, it is time to join hands and work together for the betterment of people and the environment. For every successful journey, it is important to take the first step. By hiring our services, you will take that first step towards further success.

How RLGS Will Help Eco-Suppliers Achieve Success?

We are a comprehensive resource when it comes to obtaining information about living an eco-lifestyle, and we are giving an opportunity to eco-suppliers all over the world to promote themselves through our unique advertising approach.

It is important to inform you that we have an ever-growing audience of eco-individuals. These are people already living an eco-lifestyle or are interested in living an eco-lifestyle. They are always searching for any information about eco-products and services, new developments, and green events happening near them, as well as globally.

It is the desire of every seller to have a group of prospective customers waiting for their products. The number of eco-individuals interested in the efforts of RLGS is increasing day by day. We say this on the basis of the traffic we get on different platforms.

When eco-suppliers decide to utilize our unique advertising services, they gain several advantages. Here is a summary of the primary benefits to eco-suppliers using our unique advertising membership:

We promote your eco-products in the form of radio spot adverts. These radio spot adverts is your voice to your target audience, i.e. eco-individuals. These advertisements are placed in-between different programs broadcast on our radio station. Moreover, they popularize your brand and direct people to search for your eco-products.

We regularly have different radio discussion programs. These discussions are related to an eco-lifestyle and are hosted by experts, the eco-suppliers. Sometimes our listeners also participate in these discussions with their queries and our experts suggest appropriate solutions. We promote eco-suppliers by promoting their brand.

After you create your attractive website banner advertisements and want us to promote them, we promote your brand in the most efficient manner. For example, we place your web banner adverts on relevant pages of our website, in our weekly newsletter, in the Green Events Calendar, and other such places. You get the maximum exposure to increase your sales.

We are present on our radio and online platforms where eco-individuals are. These individuals visit our website for the latest developments, read our blogs to enlighten themselves, and like and share our social media posts. To promote eco-suppliers, we mention their eco-products and create links in our blog posts, articles, Tweets, etc. Whenever interested people click on that link, they are redirected to the website of eco-suppliers or their sales page.

These are just some of our unique advertising offerings. When you choose us to promote your eco-products, you would see the changes in your visibility, sales and revenue.

There is further news for all eco-suppliers – in future, to tap into a dedicated medium, we’ll make our mobile app available for download for smartphones running on iOS and Android.

The main feature, no doubt, is the radio. We include eco-suppliers’ information related to living an eco-lifestyle on it. Also, special emphasis is on the Green Events Calendar. What this means is that our eco-suppliers are promoted on further channels.

What are you waiting for? Join hands with us to enhance your visibility, sales and support eco-individuals in living an eco-lifestyle. Above all, join hands with us to make this planet a better place to live on.

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