International Walk to School Month @ World Wide
    Oct 1 – Oct 31 all-day

    About iwalk

    International Walk to School Month gives children, parents, school teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global event as they celebrate the many benefits of walking. Walkers from around the world walk to school together for various reasons — all hoping to create communities that are safe places to walk.

    In 2011, millions of children, parents, and community leaders from 40 countries around the world joined together in celebration of International Walk to School Month in October.

    The goal of the walk varies from community to community. Some walks rally for safer and improved streets, some to promote healthier habits and some to conserve the environment. Whatever the reason, International Walk to School events encourage a more walkable world — one community at a time.

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    In the recent past, my wife and I started walking regularly.
    A family member mentioned that if we use Strava we’ll see statistics of our walks.

    Though Strava and its statistics are intended for cycling and athletes, we use Strava for our walks.

    We derive much fun and excitement from the statistics and of visually seeing each route we walked.
    Importantly, I noticed it inspires us to walk, and to improve on our walk distances each month.
    Not always the case though: Some months we walk less than others and some walks are shorter than others.

    Seeing as this is not a competition, and only done for the exercise and the fun of it, Strava brings another dimension.

    Be sure to enroll with Strava for free and enjoy your walking as we do.


    World Vegan Month @ World Wide
    Nov 1 – Nov 30 all-day

    World Vegan Month

    World Vegan Month is celebrated around the world as a time to recognise how far the vegan movement has come, to highlight how accessible and beneficial a vegan lifestyle can be and to encourage the vegan-curious to adopt veganism by sharing advice, recipes and ideas.


    World Vegan Month LogoThe history of World Vegan Month

    The Vegan Society first began as an offshoot of The Vegetarian Society in November 1944, when Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley and friends felt the important need to distinguish the difference between not eating meat, and not eating any products from animals. We began celebrating the founding of The Vegan Society in 1994 and every year since, November 1st has been marked as World Vegan Day, with its significance growing to be internationally recognised.

    In a natural progression, World Vegan Day evolved into World Vegan Week and now, what we celebrate as World Vegan Month; where vegans and veganism is celebrated in workplaces, shops, restaurants and in homes all over the world.

    How you can celebrate

    People around the world choose to mark World Vegan Month in an array of different ways. You could host a vegan lunch at work or a vegan dinner party with friends; commit to taking part in vegan outreach in your local community; share your favourite vegan recipes on social media or even challenge your friends, family or work colleagues to go vegan for 30 days by taking our Vegan Pledge.

    However you choose to mark World Vegan Month, be sure to share it far and wide using the #WorldVeganMonth and #WorldVeganDay hashtags on social media and tag us on Facebook and Twitter using the handle @TheVeganSociety, we would love to see what you get up to!

    If you are planning an event and would like to use the official World Vegan Month logo, it can be downloaded as a jpeg or png.

    You can download and print our World Vegan Month posters and leaflets.

    For more ideas on how to mark World Vegan Day head over to our blog post.