Let’s Reduce The Carbon Footprint Together!

Preserving the beauty of nature and creating new opportunities for nature to flourish, is easily achieved when each member of humankind makes their contribution, even if very small.

An interesting phenomenon is picking up momentum within humankind: That of finding ways to live that impacts our environment the least. Very many steps and things are being discovered, invented and recycled to reduce the resources we’re consuming.

As an example, we’ve discovered that by buying something that is carried from one corner of the earth to the other side, takes a lot of resources. Not only does the carrying of the goods, via ships, planes, rail, and road freight, take a lot of energy, it also adds to the costs.

Another example is when we eat meat it takes the feeding of the animal, over the lifetime of the animal before it reaches the table, and then the costs of carrying the meat to our tables. In some cases, the carrying is from one corner of our planet to another, all these steps, the feeding, the transport to carry the goods, all add costs to the product.

Aforementioned are two small examples of inefficiencies, in how humankind lives.

Conversely, by example, with hydroponics, we grow our own vegetables right there in our homes. No carrying costs. Thus we’d have fresh and healthy vegetables, almost all year round.

These examples are merely to exemplify two extremes – with which we’re able to see the inefficiencies. And how many opportunities exist for humankind to improve on the inefficiencies. At the same time providing many new business opportunities.

Reducing costs, almost certainly improving quality of life by living healthy, and sustainably.

As seen from these exaggerated, though actual examples, our carbon footprint is not only extremely big, it adds to our living costs. With small steps, it would be easy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Keeping in mind, the many opportunities it presents to each of us.

The journey of reducing our carbon footprint would be fun, cost saving and healthy.

Each member of humankind would benefit – it’s time to embrace green and eco-friendly-living!

Join Radio Live Green Smart; together let’s participate and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Bring your ideas to our listeners. We’re eager to hear from you. Share Your Eco Healthy Living Story.

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Let’s reduce the carbon footprint together!

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