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Course Outline

This course guides participants “About attaining and sustaining a healthy body” whilst at the same time and incidentally sustaining a healthy and happy environment.” It helps us explore Eco Healthy Eating, guides us through easy steps of eating wholesome foods, and creates an awareness that when eating fruits and vegetables we are also environmentally friendly.

What this course does further is, it guides participants on the benefits of fasting. In easy to follow steps, the course covers:

  • Why fasting and healthy eating converges
  • The main forms of fasting
  • Why fasting is important
  • The benefits and results of fasting
  • How to prepare for fasting
  • And how to break out of fasting

When eating wholesome foods like vegetables and fruits, and by being aware of the forms of fasting, which includes intermittent, water and autophagy fasting and consequently by practising fasting, participants evolve a sustained healthy body and mind. 

Course FAQ

When we have questions it is a sign of our progress. Visit our FAQs section for answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Eco Healthy Eating.

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When you have any additional questions or queries about Eco Healthy Eating Opening a Ticket for our prompt assistance.

Course Flow And Completion

The participant may move freely through the course without following any particular sequence. Notwithstanding, it is required to complete all the steps and achieve a minimum of 80% to successfully pass the course.