#LiveGreenSmart World Month 2019 Promotion Giveaway Items

Be Part Of The Eco Lifestyle Revolution

Join us during #LiveGreenSmart World Month, the month of June each year, in introducing Eco Lifestyle news, tips and products to at least 1 other person, to spread eco-awareness.

Global events like International Coastal Clean-up Day and World Animal Day are just two of the many events which create awareness for worthy causes. Join us in shining a spotlight on doing big or little things to save the earth.

#LiveGreenSmart World Month

Each year in June, for the full month we promote Living an Eco-lifestyle and Practicing Eco Healthy Eating.

These two themes combined bring about change for two distinct groupings.

On the one hand, gains are achieved by taking part in such alternative lifestyles, namely Living an Eco-lifestyle and Practicing Eco Healthy Eating.

On the other hand, gains are achieved for our environment and planet Earth.

The irony is this, with progress happening continuously and everywhere around us, from the first industrial revolution, thru to the recently commenced fourth industrial revolution, each contribute to our lives in a very, very big way. This wanted progress serves humankind widely.

Notwithstanding the progress, and that the quality of our lifestyles improve inexplicably, evolution in some areas was at a much slower pace. In fact, evolution in some areas has been none, or minor, or even deteriorated our lifestyle and our environment.

Though leaders and innovators, consequently, saw the need for alternative lifestyles.

These alternative lifestyles are based on two phenomena.
The first phenomenon is, our lifestyles stagnated and even deteriorated in some areas, while with the second phenomenon, our evolved lifestyles caused and are accelerating deterioration to our environment. Thus, the evolution and phenomena are interlinked.

It is clear to see an imbalance is being created by evolution.
And this is not to say, we do not want the evolution, on the contrary we want evolution, we love it!
The time is ripe for humankind to take note of which areas stagnated and which deteriorated.

Demystifying Where Evolution Created an Imbalanced Lifestyle and Caused Deterioration of Planet Earth


From First to Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Each individual’s life is affected by evolution, either improved, not improved or a hybrid of improved and not improved.
Each individual, making up humankind has the capacity to reverse the imbalances caused in our lifestyles by evolution.
And importantly, each individual has the capacity to reverse the continuous imbalances and deterioration of planet Earth, caused by evolution.
Though these evolution and imbalance points are not obvious, with #LiveGreenSmart World Month our intention each year in June, is to spread the word that together we explore the opportunities of balancing the imbalances, primarily done through implementing innovative steps. Let’s use this time and apply our energy together to advocate Living an Eco-lifestyle and Practicing Eco Healthy Eating.


Addressing Imbalance.
With #LiveGreenSmart World Month we address the imbalances on various fronts:
It starts with creating awareness and ends with each person telling at least one other person about green and eco living and its benefits to each and every individual making the switch. Our and future generations benefit from the switch. And importantly, this benefits planet Earth.

Our Contribution: Giveaway Promotional Items

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Products for Individuals

Whether we’re obese, looking to lose weight, have ailments, want to improve our health, have little energy, always tired, looking for another diet or for alternative food, the claims and choices about achieving the aforementioned are many and mystifying. When it comes to Eco-Healthy eating, the switch is easy, requires little effort, and in the main requires awareness.

All that is needed is to change some choices, as and when they suit you, such as eating vegan, organic, and locally produced food.

Living an Eco-Lifestyle transforms our lives: As a well-rounded and responsible human being, we’re able to develop many simple yet interesting habits which benefit ourselves and the environment. However, the most interesting aspect of living an Eco-Lifestyle is the ensuing Eco Awareness.

Some things aren’t taught at any educational center, they are absorbed through experience. Experience is a patient and great teacher.

Products for Businesses

This university course introduces eco-suppliers to different advertising approaches and their implementation.

By enrolling to the Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University, you learn about enticing eco-individuals through Radio, Websites, Emails, Green Events, and various other mediums. The eco-suppliers also learn how to present their eco-products to fulfil the needs of eco-individuals.

With the developments in the field of advertising, Eco-Suppliers have several decisions. In wanting to nurture their brand, wanting to focus on developing their eco product(s), and wanting to reach their target audience, to knowing and choosing the right approach.

While large businesses have separate departments to handle the promotion of their products and services, not every Eco-Supplier has such an arrangement.

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