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Are you curious about these easy steps to heal your body
including to easily reduce weight?

Would I lose weight?

Yes, indeed, you would gradually and continuously lose all the extra weight you are carrying.

This is regardless of how much extra weight you are carrying.

Would my body heal?

Yes, indeed, your body would heal.

This is a gradual, intentional, and slow process.

What are some of the other benefits?
  1. You would feel liberated and empowered.
  2. Your confidence would grow.
  3. You would have lots of energy.
  4. You would feel healthy.
  5. You would see the weight melt off your body.
Is the cost reasonable to heal my body including to easily reduce weight?

Yes, the costs are reasonable, and you are going to save the costs multiple times over.

As you implement the easy steps to heal your body including to reduce weight, two things are clear.

Firstly: How much weight you are losing.
Secondly: That you save costs on your new way of life.

What We Offer & What We Do

We bring you easy to follow steps that inform and guide you to unlock and sustain your health and weight as a way of life. By owning your health and weight, you improve your self-confidence and you enhance your inner peace.

Unlock Your Health

Easy to follow steps, at your own pace, formulated to own your health, body and mind – right at your fingertips.

On any of your devices, interchangeably, whether on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

A way of life and NOT A QUICK FIX.

You own your health by converging healthy eating, healthy fasting and healthy exercising.

Healthy Eating

Comprises a few concepts. Consuming wholesome foods and drinks. Switching to Zero Added Sugar. Consuming foods and drinks in a state closest to its natural form. Nutritious eating and drinking.

The Health University lessons guide and inform on each of these concepts.

Healthy Exercising

Autophagy is induced during exercising; like walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, rowing, and more: When our cardiovascular, lungs and muscles are exercised.


Healthy Fasting

Fasting consists of different time periods. For instance, the practicing of intermittent fasting for a  shorter period of 8 hours – and for longer periods of between 12 and 16 hours. Then there are longer periods of fasting, known as water fasting for periods, anywhere from one day to 30 days, and even longer. These periods are based on our fasting experience.

The concepts of the fasting periods are threefold. Understanding the difference between a) hunger and b) emotional eating and c) allowing time for digesting foods and drinks.

 Autophagy is induced from a certain period onwards when you consume only water, tea and coffee (without milk and sugar).


When autophagy is induced, our bodies have self-preserving features.

These are some terms used to describe autophagy.

AUTOPHAGY: is ‘to eat thyself.’ Recycle the cellular parts that are damaged or not being used. To put it slightly dramatically, it’s a process of self-cannibalism. It’s a critical clean-up process, recycling bits of used cells to incorporate them into new cells.

When we regularly induce autophagy our body’s natural clean out process, addresses the root causes of, for instance, hypertension, cholesterol and being overweight and obese.

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The central hub for your health and weight

Unlock Your Health integrates the following concepts so you’re able to heal your body as a way of life…

Easy access – at your fingertips, at your pace, at your budget – to heal yourself, and to sustain your health and your weight. 

This applies whether you’re obese, have high cholesterol, hypertension, or any other health or weight problem, by working through and applying your lessons…

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1. Nourishing Wholesome Foods and Drinks

When nourishing yourself with wholesome foods and drinks, much less food is required to sustain yourself. With balanced nourishment, your immunity is increased.

2. Shorter Digestion Times

When you consume nutritious foods and drinks, your body digests your food and drinks, in a shorter time.

Combine this with intermittent and water fasting and a further benefit arises from the shorter digestion time… you induce autophagy.

3. Exercise Cardiovascular, Lungs and Muscles

Exercising our cardiovascular, lungs and muscles in itself improves our health and weight.

Any exercise – without necessarily being strenuous, like walking once per week – and even more times a week, or cycling or swimming – any activity as opposed to being sedentary, improves our health and weight.

Exercising induces autophagy.

4. Autophagy Your Self-healing

Autophagy is the process of self-healing.

The body’s natural healing process is known as autophagy, simplified it’s the process that cleans out body cells. Starting with the weakest cells, those that carry disease and sickness.

This cleanout process takes the body bits being cleaned out and converts them to proteins, to build new bits and to repair other body bits. Moreover, autophagy eats and converts excesses, say of being overweight or obese and feeds itself – during times of exercise or of fasting when foods aren’t being consumed.

5. Self-confidence and Peace Of Mind

You are able to reinvigorate your body, mind, and soul, and heal yourself and reduce weight by balancing the previous steps.

With this comes self-confidence, inner quiet and you enhance your peace of mind.

6. Emotional Eating And Drinking Awareness

Emotional eating and drinking hamper your balance with the aforementioned, simply because your digestion works longer and takes time away from autophagy.

As your health and eating awareness grows, it becomes clearer that your healing rhythm is out of balance. By gradually reducing the habit the balance is adjusted.

7. Be Safe Consult A Medical Practitioner

Disclaimer. You should consult with a health-care professional if you have or suspect you might have a health or weight problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. It is always wise to consult a medical practitioner before fasting, especially while you are uncertain or unfamiliar with fasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy Eating and Fasting

Owning our health and weight as a way of life raises various questions. Below are a few of the trending FAQs.

What is the average weight loss during 30 day water fasts?

There is no correct or incorrect average weight loss after a water fast. It varies from person to person. On average we lose between 1 and 2 pounds each day during the fast.

When we drink only water for 30 days, we may lose around 30-45 pounds in that period. Thus the 30 day water fast average weight loss is beneficial.

Is it safe to start fasting for a month without consulting a doctor?

It is advisable to start fasting after consulting a medical practitioner. An experienced doctor would make sure we are physically fit for the fast.

How do we break longer fasts?

When breaking a fast, and therefore our body gets food for the first time after many days, be sure that such foods and drinks are light and easy-to-digest. We break fasts by initially drinking orange or lemon juice. It is better if we continue drinking juice or soup for 1-2 days after the fast and introduce easy-to-digest food items gradually.

What should I do if I’ve never practiced fasting?

Start by practicing the shorter periods of fasting, like, do not eat from after your dinner until breakfast. During that period drink enough water, coffee, and tea – without milk and sugar.

When unfamiliar to fasting or uncomfortable, consult a medical practitioner.

Is unlocking your health offered by #LiveGreenSmart a quick fix?

No, definitely not – instead, it is a way of life.

What happens when I slip and eat unhealthy non wholesome food, or break a fast earlier than intended?

This is fine! There is no need to be hard on yourself! As your awareness of the benefits of your health and weight grows, you’re going to slip less and less. Until then, it is fine, and no need to beat yourself up.

Unlock Your Health University

Our health university being a new phenomenon raises various questions. Below are some related FAQs.

What payment plans do you have?

Monthly, annually, lifetime.

Do I have to hurry and implement all lessons?

No, you are encouraged to take your own pace, and to only implement lessons you are comfortable with.

What happens to lessons I originally skipped?

You are encouraged to see the course and lessons as your own and to proceed to any lesson whenever you’re ready, even the skipped lessons.

Am I able to revisit lessons I’ve already completed?

Yes, definitely. You are encouraged to navigate the lessons as it suits you. Go back to completed lessons and skipped lessons.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

You are unable to continue until you re-subscribe again.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

The guarantee is valid
when canceled within 21 days.

So joining is Risk-Free!

100% Money Back Guarantee

The guarantee is valid
when canceled within 21 days.

So joining is Risk-Free!