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We, RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) came into existence in March 2017 as a source of Eco-Information. The resources available on our website supports Eco-Individuals and Eco-Suppliers living in different parts of the world.

We have revamped our business model. From being only the information-based source, we are now proudly a Peace of Mind Focused Eco-Lifestyle News, Information, Innovation, Products and Unique Advertising” resource. Yes, we are now more than just the home of Eco-Information.

RLGS, as the Peace of Mind Focused, Eco lifestyle resource is ready with its comprehensive and informative radio station and website, in support of everyone interested in the word “Eco”, achieving their endeavor(s). It welcomes you to a world where everyone visits to improve their way of living without marring the environment in any way. With more and more people gaining Eco-Awareness, our aim is showing how this is done easily.

When researching Eco products, this is where you’ll find the latest, unbiased, comprehensive and engaging resources that arm you with knowledge and peace of mind to make informed decisions.

Why Live an Eco-Lifestyle?

Living an Eco-Lifestyle gives numerous personal and environmental benefits. Most people think that they need to give up something to live an Eco-Lifestyle but it’s not true. In fact, living this way is an easy, fun, and healthy way to be the happier version of oneself and aid the environment.

While living an Eco-Lifestyle, your life escalates to a better phase where you get ample mental peace, do less work, spend less money, and remain away from stress. Your everyday activities help in reversing climatic changes, preserving natural resources, reducing pollution, helping the local economy, gaining self-sufficiency, and in achieving many more benefits. However, note that money is never a constraint in living an Eco-Lifestyle. Your determination matters, every other thing is secondary.

Peace Of Mind Focused, Eco Friendly Living!

Why Switch to Eco-Healthy Eating?

Eco-Healthy Eating is a wise method to realise the simple fact that whatever we eat, placed on a dinner table, has an enduring impact on our personal well-being and the environment. The common eating habits of today are responsible for obesity, various dreadful diseases and major environmental problems like global warming, water and air pollution, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity.

The only way to alleviate these issues is to switch to Eco-Healthy Eating. Paying attention to what you are eating provides you with a healthy body and mind, prevents the unnecessary emission of fossil fuels, reduces air pollution, global warming, and acid rain. While practicing Eco-Healthy Eating the food you eat is nutritious and bears original taste.

Abuse of Environment Whistleblower Safe Haven

In order to live a healthy and happy life, today and forever, whistleblowers should be appreciated for their efforts and encouraged to continue the good work. Everyone needs to understand that we are at a point where whistleblowing is as important as eating food.

Most people don’t stand against environmental abuse because they don’t find the right platform. We, RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart), are dedicated to helping whistleblowers raise their voice against the environmental abuse. Our presence on different online channels helps in exposing environmental abuses in the most efficient manner. We make sure that their voices reach responsible bodies, protect whistleblowers and take necessary action(s) against the environmental abuses and cruelties.

Eco-Healthy Eating University is a unique source of knowledge where anyone can discover the best ways and foods to eat. Here, people learn why Eco-Healthy Eating is essential for a disease-free healthy body and how they can practice it daily.

At Eco-Healthy Eating University, every individual willing to live a life full of health and peace without hurting the environment learns the easiest steps to begin, eco friendly lifestyle tips which easily make Eco-Healthy Eating a part of their everyday life, easy-to-follow recipes, and much more. The learning here is easy, fun, interactive, and at the self-determined pace.

Eco-Individual University is an educational source that helps in bringing out the best from an individual. Here, individuals learn how to transform their usual way to living to an Eco-Lifestyle without any unnecessary efforts, both physically and monetarily. The knowledge served here comes directly from the experience(s) of experts.

Here, individuals learn how to easily start living an Eco-Lifestyle, they get simple yet feasible eco friendly lifestyle tips to move beyond their ordinary and harmful way of living. The biggest advantage of gaining knowledge from Eco-Individual University is that people learn all about Eco-Lifestyle in a unique manner, making full use of technological advancement

Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University is the only source where Eco-suppliers learn the innovative and successful ways to advertise their Eco-Products to an ever-growing Eco-Audience.

There are no fixed criteria to be an Eco-Supplier, nor any fixed budget. You just need to know the best ways to present your Eco-Product(s). However, the knowledge about advertising Eco-Product(s) effectively and efficiently can only be gained at Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising University. Here, Eco-Suppliers from anywhere in the world learn the unique, best, affordable, and successful ways to advertise Eco-Product(s).

The biggest challenge for Eco-Suppliers is to make a coordination between the availability and advertising of their Eco-Products. It is not easy to concentrate on both at the same time. For an Eco-Supplier, it is always best to focus on Eco-Products and take outside help in advertising their brand or Eco-Product(s).

RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) understands this dilemma of Eco-Suppliers. It used all its expertise and developed a unique advertising strategy that is almost a guarantee to attract more numbers of Eco-Individuals. The biggest benefit of Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Membership is that it doesn’t discriminate between the big or small Eco-Suppliers; every Eco-Supplier gets access to all the unique advertising strategies.

Advertising agencies play a major role in increasing the reach and profits of a brand. In order to achieve this, they require the appropriate platform to advertise their clients’ products and services. And when the clients are Eco-Suppliers, it is not only necessary but also a challenge to make their Eco-Products noticed by Eco-Individuals.

The Eco-Supplier Unique Advertising Agency Membership from RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) helps the advertising agencies to promote their clients’ (Eco-Suppliers) Eco-Products to an ever-growing Eco-Audience. This membership makes ad agencies relevant and gives them complete access to utilize RLGS’s unique advertising strategies.