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Radio Live Green Smart as an eco & green advocate promotes your eco-product(s) to an ever increasing eco-audience at $200 month-to-month until cancelled. With 2 months free when paid annually.

We'll discuss on radio, how you started, your profile, your product(s), your contact details: And anything else of interest you'd want to share about your product(s). The discussion lasts 20 to 40 minutes.

On completion we transform the discussion into these formats: Podcast, Video, Transcript, Snippets. These are continuously promoted via our SM platforms.

Included are back-link(s) to your website and Facebook Page.  (client supplied: logo, discussion pointers, back-link(s))

Your promotions / specials are featured on our Green Events Calendar

Here are examples of Podcasts:
Kyasol Rainwater Harvesting Podcast
Eco Pools Podcast

And Transcripts:
Jex Energy Photovoltaic Electricity Transcript
Urban Veggies Hydroponics Transcript

More, Unique Advertising: Online and by Radio

Let’s discuss your green and eco-passion;
Your Unique Advertising, online & by radio;
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