The most significant way in which one saves money in a green and eco friendly home is through a reduction in the use of electricity and water.  Rainwater is a free resource once harvested and solar energy is a free source of electricity, once harnessed.

Minimal water and electricity are needed, in any case, by using insulation, under floor hydronics and a water-wise garden.

Green and eco friendly homes are also low maintenance.  Examples of areas in which there are cost-savings, are with the use of naturally-coloured roof tiles, aluminum railings and bamboo counter-tops.  Bamboo and aluminum are durable materials and aluminum doesn’t rust easily.  Naturally-coloured roof tiles won’t fade and don’t need to be painted.

The biggest return on investment is gained when the home is resold.  There is a rising demand for green homes.

When we live in a green and eco friendly home for 10 years or less, we get back the investment by saving on utilities and maintenance.  And when the home is resold, one receives double the investment (plus interest).  So the additional costs for the green benefits are more than covered.

That’s good investing.

Emmanuel van der Meulen