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Some time back RLGS (Radio Live Green Smart) started with an eco-awareness drive, today eco living has become a revolution. Yes, it is not many years ago when this message was spread via a few single voices, when not many people knew about eco living, and not many people embraced it; yet, those voices consistently spread awareness about the damage humans have done to themselves and this planet.

Since those spreading the word were genuine and the intention was to help every living being and the environment. Soon, such followers, especially eco-individuals, started growing from tens to hundreds to thousands, and the numbers are still increasing.

Let us have a look at all the contributions in the making by RLGS towards people living an eco-lifestyle, towards education, transforming lives, and improving the planet’s environment:

A 24/7 Radio Channel Dedicated to the Eco-Lifestyle

Primarily, our radio channel is dedicated to living an eco-lifestyle. We run a 24/7 radio channel (RLGS – Radio Live Green Smart) that focuses especially on eco-friendly activities and motivates people to live an eco-lifestyle. As we have gained more knowledge and learned that living an eco-lifestyle is the only way to save ourselves, the environment and other living entities of this planet, we are spreading this information through our radio channel which is fully dedicated to this much-required change. You can see that each and every program aired on our radio channel is intended to enhance eco-awareness.

A Comprehensive Website

Our website is a comprehensive source of information related to the eco-lifestyle. As the awareness about an eco-lifestyle increases, people are searching more and more for the most relevant information. No doubt, the internet is full of eco-information yet there is not a single source that contains all the information needed. Because of this people do not believe even the sources of genuine information. Through our research, we continuously add to our website as a resource of information required by an eco-individual. The best thing is that our website is an ever-growing source of eco-information. This means we continuously keep on adding the latest and most useful information to it for all associated.

A Green Events Calendar

An eco-lifestyle is attracting people, no matter what part of the world they live in, they are opting to live an eco-lifestyle. One simple way to learn about the eco-lifestyle is attending a Green Event. These events have a particular objective, are based on a specific theme, and provide enough information to an individual. People realize this and want to attend such events, but their hectic everyday life does not always allow them to remember the date, timing, and venue of such events. So, we came up with a Green Events Calendar that not only contains detailed information about upcoming Green Events in their area, but also informs them in advance about such events.

The Eco-Individual University

We believe that a proper education is necessary to bring any change. Here, we are not talking about school or college education but something different. That is why we have come up with the Eco-Individual University where people learn about the benefits of living an eco-lifestyle and also the best ways to utilize the environmental resources. The course teaches participants how to include green activities in their everyday life without harming the environment.

The Eco-Healthy Eating University

In our zest to educate people, we have come up with the Eco-Healthy Eating University. The first step in living an eco-lifestyle completely depends upon the individual but often it is noted that people prefer changing their eating habits as another step to living an eco-lifestyle. This is one of the primary reasons we came up with the Eco-Healthy Eating University. Here, we teach people the benefits of eco-healthy eating, how the seemingly small decision to eat green can do wonders for their health and reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, people learn the best, simplest, and cost-effective green, even vegan recipes.

The Eco-Supplier University

It is not only individuals that would benefit, we also focus on eco-suppliers as we believe that eco-suppliers play a major role in guiding people living an eco-lifestyle. That is why we launched the Eco-Supplier University where our eco-suppliers are shown different ways to increase their visibility and sell their eco-products to the appropriate audience. There are different kinds of eco-suppliers; some are financially sound, some are not wealthy, some, despite having robust financial health do not know the proper methods to approach a target audience, and some have the knowledge to reach the target customers but lack money. Whatever their circumstance, the Eco-Supplier University treats them equally. Here, they not only learn the best ways to sell their products but also learn the most successful methods to enhance their visibility without spending too much.

Omni-Channel Presence

Nobody is unaware of how technology and the internet has changed our world. In order to embrace this, we are now present on different channels such as radio, a website, social media and green events. Our ever-growing eco-audience are from different regions of the world and use different mediums to communicate. By practising an omni-channel presence, we assist our eco-audience and global followers to remain in touch with us all the time, no matter what the medium is. They are never far away from an update or development in the eco-world.There are, as you see, several things we are doing to contribute to the lives of people and the health of this planet. And as you are now familiar with our ever-growing spirit, we will not stop here.

Now, It’s Your Chance…

No matter if you are an eco-individual, eco-supplier, or simply a follower of an eco-lifestyle, RLGS would spread this message through our radio channel, website, blogs, social media posts, green events calendar.

Today, we are giving you the golden opportunity to join us in enlightening people. Now, it is your chance to spread eco-awareness. Now, it is your chance to share your life-changing experiences. Now, it is your chance to tell the world through RLGS how you achieve your eco-goals. Your story of transformation from living a conventional life to living as an eco-individual or being eco-supplier might look simple to you but it might inspire millions. It can inspire people to live an eco-lifestyle, and it can bring the much-required change to save this planet. So, collect your memories and via RLGS share your eco-goals.

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This Eco Story is for demo purposes only. It’s main purpose it to show what your story looks like when published. Enjoy writing your Eco Story.