Has Your Passion Led you to Become a Supplier or Hobbyist of Eco and Green Products and Services?

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Preserve Nature, Reduce Carbon Footprint

At Radio Live Green Smart, we regularly have Green Events on our radio. During these we present or discuss the participating supplier company’s profile and any of their products or services on the air. As such, the green and eco-living suppliers and their products and services are introduced to our ever-growing eco-audience.

Including, if your eco-living passion is as a hobbyist we’ll promote your and commercial supplier’s respective messages.

Each such Green Event is continuously promoted on Radio Live Green Smart and is listened to by several thousand people and for several thousand hours each month.

Furthermore, Radio Live Green Smart offers wide ranging online advertising, including advertising by Radio.

Our radio has an international audience. Therefore, if your product or service is available locally in your town, or nationally in your country or internationally, anywhere in the world, our radio listeners and website visitors and readers are aware of your green and eco contribution.

In addition, we promote our content on various Social Media platforms. Rest assured each supplier like yourself, your products and services get continuous daily exposure, via our website, Social Media, and on our Radio Station.

Here are examples of Podcasts:
Kyasol Rainwater Harvesting Podcast
Eco Pools Podcast

And Transcripts:

Jex Energy Photovoltaic Electricity Transcript
Urban Veggies Hydroponics Transcript

We create the aforementioned from our Green Events, and by regularly promoting the ideas to reduce our carbon footprint, the promotions start percolating into Google Searches.

Your exposure as a green and eco-friendly supplier, when taking part in our Green Events, is sure to increase your reach.

It starts with your eco passion forming the basis of one of our Green Events. Here we discuss via our radio station, your green and eco product or services or hobby. You have the opportunity, in your own voice, to tell the listeners of Radio Live Green Smart, starting by introducing yourself, how you started, describing your product, service or hobby. And off course exactly how listeners would get hold of you and your company.

Taking your company, product or service, or hobby a step further, we’ll welcome writing about your passion. And if you have a website, or share eco-tips on Social Media platforms, by linking up with Radio Live Green Smart’s website and Social Media, in addition to what you do today with your passion, by joining us, you extend your reach immediately in several ways. Follow and Like us – by joining in with us, you’ll have access to an ever-growing eco-audience, an audience already interested in green and eco-living.

Build Up Prior to the Green Event

In the build-up period prior to the Green Event, we hold a pre-radio-discussion with you to decide when and what we’ll discuss, and arrange how we’ll contact you for the Green Event. Skype works well, we’ve tried and tested Skype – this means wherever you are in the world, you’re able to take part.

Where required, we’ll arrange an interpreter, seeing as our listeners are internationally based.

Remember, our eco-listeners are keen to hear about your green and eco offering.

During the Green Event

During the Green Event, we’ll discuss in a relaxed way, everything you want to share about yourself, your company, your product or service, or hobby – whatever your eco passionate is about – this is what our listeners are interested in.

Our lines are open, so if a listener has a question, they’re able to phone in live and ask.

This, the pre-amble up to and including the Green Event, is only the start.

After the Green Event

Once the Green Event is over, another interesting period starts.

During the period immediately after the Green Event, we transpose the radio discussion into several different renditions, being: Podcasts, Videos, Transcripts and Snippets.

The result is we place a recording of the radio discussion to play regularly on the radio station. The different renditions of the radio discussion are placed on the Radio Live Green Smart website and continuously promoted via Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.

Each rendition (Podcasts, Videos, Transcripts and Snippets), in its own way, tells the unique story about the Green Event discussion between the radio host, the supplier company guest and company, or hobbyist, the green and eco product, service or hobby.

You’ll notice after the Green Event, that the interaction from our ever-growing eco-audience, eco-suppliers, eco-hobbyists start trickling through.

Our Audience page has more information, especially how our content is arranged to enable easy access to ideas about reducing our carbon footprint most suited to Audience Categories, of an Eco Newbie, –Intermediate, –Expert, and –Supplier.

Let’s discuss your green and eco-passion;
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