Unlock Your Health University FAQ

Unlock Your Health University FAQ's

Our health university being a new phenomenon raises various questions. Here are some of them.

Why Did #LiveGreenSmart Establish the Unlock Your Health University?

Over many years we uncovered the process of healing ourselves. This is what we write about in our Blog at Live Green Smart and our Blog at Life Can Be Different.

The healing covers health problems, being overweight, obese and related consequences.

The convergence of several concepts are presented in Own Your Health… Own Your Body.

Each one of us is more than capable and more than welcome to research the Internet to sift through the plethora of information.

You are also welcome to instead research our websites, Live Green Smart and Life Can Be Different. These sites contain the material we use as the basis for the Health University.

Alternatively, to save you lots of time and research, we packaged every aspect of owning your health, when we established the Unlock Your Health University.

How Does #LiveGreenSmart Unlock Your Health University Provide Support?

We provide support in two ways:

Personal and private – Support Tickets:

When any uncertainties or doubts arise from any lesson or quiz, we are right there at your fingertips to support you.

Private Facebook Group:

You have full access to our Facebook Group where you are able to join discussions, read or make comments, interact and ask questions.

With these activities you are able to participate with others, share tips, experiences, achievements, and what you might be struggling with.

In this way, you are part of a like-minded community for everyone’s benefit.

Unlock My Health Facebook Group is private and requires acknowledging and accepting the ground rules before admission.

All activities are monitored and moderated making this group a fun, helpful and safe place for support.


Would #LiveGreenSmart Unlock Your Health University Work For Me?

Yes, almost definitely, and here is why:

By following the easy steps, at your pace, about healthy eating, healthy fasting, healthy modest exercising you induce autophagy. Autophagy is your body’s natural cleaning and healing process.

You are guaranteed that you’d see continuous results.

Some days, weeks and months:

  • Your results would be better than before
  • Your weight loss would be more than before
  • From time to time you won’t lose any weight – this is to be expected and fine!
  • You’d feel stronger
  • You’d feel self-confident
  • You’d have peace of mind
  • You’d be amazed
  • Your family and friends and coworkers would be amazed
  • You’d be the conversation

See the Disclaimer FAQ below.

What payment plans do you have?

Monthly, annually, lifetime.

Do I have to hurry and implement all lessons?

No, you are encouraged to take your own pace, and to only implement lessons you are comfortable with..

What happens to lessons I originally skipped?

You are encouraged to see the course and lessons as your own and to proceed to any lesson whenever you’re ready, even the skipped lessons.

Am I able to revisit lessons I’ve already completed?

Yes, definitely. You are encouraged to navigate the lessons as it suits you. Go back to completed lessons and skipped lessons.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

You are unable to continue until you re-subscribe again.


Be Safe Consult A Medical Practitioner.

Disclaimer. You should consult with a health-care professional if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. It is always wise to consult a medical practitioner before fasting, especially while you are uncertain or unfamiliar with fasting.

Emmanuel van der Meulen