Unlock Your Health University

Peace of Mind Focused: Unlock Your Health

Unlocking your health, revolves around Your Relationship With Your Physical Well-being.


To understand this relationship, ask yourself this question: “Is your body healthy?”

Then ask the next questions:

  • “Does your body support your lifestyle or, does your body hamper your lifestyle?”
  • “Do you have health problems?”
  • “Are you overweight?”
  • “Are you obese?”
  • “Are you unfit?”
  • “Are you feeling lethargic?”
  • “Do you have aches and pains?”
  • “Do you overindulge in any part of your life?”
  • “Do you have low self-esteem?”

Unlocking Your Health is about these 5 steps.


  1. Understanding the origin of your unhealthy body.
  2. Understanding the origin of your unhealthy lifestyle.
  3. Understanding the direction you’re instead yearning for.
  4. Recognizing and acknowledging your findings.
  5. Taking the first step and every step after that in pursuing what you are yearning for.

Would you prefer a healthy body that supports your lifestyle?