Why Live an Eco-Lifestyle?

After bringing this planet close to extinction, humans have a golden opportunity to reverse some of the damage done to their environment. This opportunity is nothing but living an eco-lifestyle; putting into practice the simple eco-friendly activities which make people and the environment healthy.

Living an Eco-Lifestyle has numerous personal, social, and environmental benefits. For example, when you start covering small distances by walking or cycling instead of by car, you give your body the necessary movement it needs, you do not burn fossil fuels and also you prevent the air from being polluted.

With personal benefits, the followers of an eco-lifestyle get the inner satisfaction of doing good to themselves and the environment. It helps in decluttering people’s minds; they learn to differentiate between the good and the bad; they learn that properly living an eco-lifestyle will automatically do good for the environment.

With social benefits, the decision to live an eco-lifestyle helps in the empowerment of society’s weaker sections. A common eco-lifestyle activity is to eat locally produced food which means buying food products from the local farmers.

With environmental benefits, living an eco-lifestyle cleans the environment. It cleans the air, decreases the emission of greenhouse gases, prevents harmful chemicals from running into waterbodies, and makes this planet a better place to live on.

Peace of Mind Focused, Eco Friendly Living!

Emmanuel van der Meulen