Nowadays, enough buzz is created to make people aware of the fact that living an eco-lifestyle is the only way to endure life on this planet. But what most people do not know is that nearly one-fourth of the total harm done to the environment is because of their eating habits.

The diets today are full of unhealthy choices which not only deteriorate the health of individuals but also of the environment. Consuming the added sugar that is present in most foodstuffs alone contributes to diseases that impact significantly on human health. Making the choice to cut out all added sugar from your diet will have immediate physical, emotional and mental benefits, as well as long-lasting ones in the future. Eco-Healthy eating ensures you stay physically and mentally fit.

Moreover, with eco-healthy eating you start consuming locally grown seasonal foods, shift towards organic options, stop eating meat products, and reduce food as well as plastic waste.

The major step – following Eco-Healthy eating gives you a chance to consume fresh and nutrient-rich food and helps in decelerating the rate at which food products are transported from one place to another. Your eco-healthy eating habits prevent soil erosion and pollution of waterbodies. You will witness a remarkable decrease in your carbon footprint. Above all, you no longer consume food products with antibiotics and GMOs.

Emmanuel van der Meulen